On the Grounds of Love, Clay Newsom Delivers, "Innocent Crime"

Clay Newsom is an American pop singer-songwriter and producer with honest lyrics and passionate productions. Originally from Walker, Louisiana, Clay has spent his early 20s diving deep into the unexplored territory of his sound.

The 26-year-old musician says, ‘I’ve always loved writing and producing music, but recently I feel like I’ve had a breakthrough with my own sound and how I’d like to express myself as an artist.’ While attending Berklee College of Music, he had the opportunity to grow as a creative, and more importantly explore his artistry on a different level.

The infectious energy that Clay Newsom puts into his most recent single “Innocent Crime,” shakes the very ground you stand on. There is a vivacious passion that lingers in the buttery vocal performance that cascades through upbeat vibrations. Enhancing the funk-fueled radiance that shoots glimmers of rhythm through your sound waves, you can’t help but submit yourself to the music pumping through your speakers. There’s an overflowing hunger that springs from the textures that imprint themselves into your mind.

With the simplistic essence making it effortless to sway through the lively waves of charisma, you’re able to fixate upon the compelling arrangements in a focused manner. Clay Newsom has a way with words, and the ability to make you want to sing along to each note he irrefutably drives home. Lyrical motifs like, ‘You’re my innocent crime. The love in my reflection. The light that don’t shine,’ have you swooning over the empowering grasp Clay Newsom has over you, and you find yourself continuing to come back for more.

This up-and-coming artist has a knack for delivering what his audience needs, and leaving them fully satisfied, yet searching for more. Delve into the buoyant soundscape of “Innocent Crimes,” and get ready to add it to your favorite playlist.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Clay Newsom, and congratulations on the release of “Innocent Crime.” This track has us on the hook with its mesmerizing and playful tenors. What was your main source of inspiration for this song?

Honestly, I just wanted to write something different than the music that I was writing and producing at the time. I felt that my music was lacking a degree of juxtaposing so I literally wrote down every lyrical example of juxtaposition that I could think of and managed to turn it into a “love song” or something like that.

In your own words, what does “Innocent Crime,” mean to you? What are you hoping that your listeners take away from it?

For me, “Innocent Crime” is that love in your life that your parents warned you about. The one that you probably should’ve let go of, but for some reason you just can’t. You’d rather throw it all away than live without them. The song is basically about the ups and downs surrounding that type of love.

What are some musical and non-musical inspirations that you allow to inspire your creative process?

I’m mostly inspired by artists that are highly involved in the production and creative direction of their music. Artists like Jon Bellion, Lauv, and Charlie Puth come to mind when thinking about some of my bigger influences. When writing and producing my music, I always imagine what the music video would possibly look like and the visual storylines in my head help me either finish the lyrics or make the melodies more fitting.

As an artist, there’s always a message that’s delivered by each individual's craft. What is the message that you send out to your audience?

I would have to say to just stop overthinking it! That thing that you’re passionate about - Go pursue it and stop wasting time thinking about all of the things that could possibly go wrong. Just wake up every day and make an effort! At the end of the day, your sense of purpose and happiness is the most important, and don’t let anybody tell you that

it’s not.

What's next for you?

I have a lot of things in the works right now. I’m releasing a single every month for the rest of the year, and in November I’m dropping an EP titled ELEVEN22 in memory of my dad. Other than that, I just recently started a new series on my YouTube channel called “The Low Light Sessions”, and every Thursday I post a cover or original song.