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“On Top” Is Where Daniel Prophete Is Sitting

"On Top" is a perfect example of how culture influences music. Daniel Prophete comes from Haiti, a country with a rich culture that can influence combinations of rhythms and sounds that flow around and in your body.

Daniel Prophete had always been involved in music. Since his raising in Haiti, where he was frequently exposed to many different genres and artists, local and international. He has heavy influence and admiration for Michael Jackson, Nat King Cole, and Bob Marley, amongst others.

Prophete began playing the guitar in 2010 and made the decision to dedicate his life to music in 2016. He graduated from Umass Lowell with a Bachelor of Arts in Music Business/Performance. He has now earned a master's degree in music production, technology, and innovation from the renowned Berklee College of Music.

"On Top" was released in June 2022. This song has a really catchy rhythm and a fresh feeling that is perfect for summer. The percussion, vocals, and beat make this piece an absolute hit, fit for a getaway at a tropical wonderland.

On Top mixes a catchy rhythm with very flirty lyrics. Daniel Prophete takes advantage of his African heritage, reflecting a lot of details that make that culture unique. He made a song that gives such Caribbean vibes, and the change between English and French just makes it really enjoyable.

"On Top" transports you to summer, with a relaxing rhythm that makes you want to move slightly from side to side. It's the perfect match for a piña colada and a couple of friends hanging by the pool.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Prophete, and congratulations on your latest release, "On Top." What were the three rhythms you enjoyed the most growing up in Haiti? Why?

Growing up in Haiti, the three rhythms I enjoyed are the twoubadou, kompa and rara.

How would you describe your musical approach and identity?

I don’t have an approach quite yet. For the last 3 years, I’ve been going with how I feel and what inspires me. I pull from different genres that I enjoy, such as bossa nova, reggae, afrobeat, kompa, rnb. I am still trying to discover myself as an artist/producer to create what I can truly say is mine.

Could you describe the creative process behind the creation of "On Top?"

For "On Top," I was inspired by Rema’s soundgasm. I knew I wanted to make a song similar to it but hadn’t really thought much about it. I was browsing splice when I found the guitar loop that you hear mainly on the track. I started experimenting with it and added the drums and bass; then, the melody came to me. The first thing I wrote was the hook, then I sat down and wrote the verses.

Could you share what drove you to create such a flirtatious song?

I didn’t know when I was writing the lyrics, but I realized it after, MY WIFE.

What's next for you?

I recently released Melo back on October 14th, then will release my 5th title: Like A Peloton, sometime in November, followed by my last song in December. I plan on taking a break from releasing my own music to work on my debut album next year.


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