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One More Weekend Expands on a Necessary Topic in, "Colourful Things"

Exploring their newfound appetite for alt-rock, the Melbourne-based rock/punk band One More Weekend releases an incredibly meaningful and necessary single with an accompanying music video entitled "Colorful Things."

Fresh off the release of their well-received single, "Talk," One More Weekend found themselves accumulating a broader and more engaging fanbase than ever before. Having played two sold-out shows supporting acts like Triple M, The Factions, theMusic, Hysteria Mag, and Punktuation, it's evident that One More Weekend is headed on their upward trajectory.

Recently releasing their brilliant and stimulating single, "Colourful Things," lead vocalist Connor Dougan had this to say, "'Colourful Things' comes from a place where someone becomes unaware that their actions are causing damage to themselves and everyone around them. By choosing to have fun and go wild constantly, it's hard to decipher what's right and wrong when you yourself are altered by substance."

Hitting play on the single, "Colourful Things," a bright and vibrant electric guitar drops into One More Weekend's entire upbeat and energetic instrumental. As Connor Dougan makes his lively vocal appearance, he begins telling the tale of someone who feels the need to overdo it when at a party and indulge in their addictions that they might not be aware of. We adore One More Weekend's exhilarating performance, especially within the song's music video.

Peaking at the music video, viewers can catch scenes of our protagonist going a little too hard three nights in a row while everyone else steers away from indulging in the drugs and antics he gets himself into. Not to mention the ending scene of the protagonist disrupting One More Weekend's live performance, we truly appreciate the positive approach that the band has taken to enlighten viewers on the dangers of addiction.

Find One More Weekend's single, "Colourful Things," on all digital streaming platforms, and watch their music video on YouTube.

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic, One More Weekend. We highly appreciate the positive manner you've taken with your recent single and music video, "Colourful Things." What inspired your band to create a song and video surrounding the effects of addiction?

Hey BuzzMusic! Thanks for chatting with me! I’m Connor the frontman from One More Weekend and I’ll be answering all your questions. The song was created as I’ve been around friends abusing substances and I’ve seen the damage it can cause to themselves and those around them without even realizing it. They seem to become absorbed in the short high and the short-lived fun time the substance can provide but ignore or ‘brush off’ reality and this is what we were trying to emulate with the track. We also wanted to bring awareness to the topic of substance abuse and use our music to try to influence people that have friends going through these moments to reach out.

Why did you choose to keep the instrumentals for "Colourful Things" so light and energetic, seeing that your lyricism depicts a heavier concept?

I wanted the song to reflect the journey that short highs and good times can take people on, while they ignore the deeper problems substance use can be causing. I found it interesting that most people experiencing these things are happy to just 'party on dude' and pretend like it’s all ok, so I tried to create this happy musical mask. While the music covers up, the lyrics unravel the problem.

What inspired the scenes of a protagonist overdoing it within your music video, "Colourful Things?" How did you come up with this meaningful visual concept?

Firstly we’ve got to give some absolutely mad props to Matty Fowler our main actor for winging it and killing it!! Alongside our videographer, Haili Luxa from All Events Video Productions for her incredible concepts and unique ability to bring our ideas to life. The final product was not the initial concept. We started with an idea that was actually pretty positive and showed a fun time but this didn't reflect the lyrics. But as always Haili and I bounced ideas off each other until we came up with what we have now. Essentially the final video now reflects the message of the song and really, it couldn’t be any more accurate to real-world moments I think most of us have experienced.

Why did you choose to steer away from your typical rock/punk sound and delve into alt-rock for "Colourful Things?" Should we expect more alternative approaches in your forthcoming music?

Well to us we’ve never been pinned to a single style of music. One thing I always made sure of when writing was to do what’s best for the song and not limit myself to the restrictions of one genre. By that I mean if it feels like the song should steer a certain way then we should go with it. So the goal is to write what’s emotionally, both lyrically and musically, best for the song. Colourful Things is just one of many ‘pop’ installments that we have up our sleeve. We have many things left to explore and interpret in our lives that one genre of music simply doesn’t reflect these experiences and allow us to be entirely creative.


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