One More Weekend Expands on a Necessary Topic in, "Colourful Things"

Exploring their newfound appetite for alt-rock, the Melbourne-based rock/punk band One More Weekend releases an incredibly meaningful and necessary single with an accompanying music video entitled "Colorful Things."

Fresh off the release of their well-received single, "Talk," One More Weekend found themselves accumulating a broader and more engaging fanbase than ever before. Having played two sold-out shows supporting acts like Triple M, The Factions, theMusic, Hysteria Mag, and Punktuation, it's evident that One More Weekend is headed on their upward trajectory.

Recently releasing their brilliant and stimulating single, "Colourful Things," lead vocalist Connor Dougan had this to say, "'Colourful Things' comes from a place where someone becomes unaware that their actions are causing damage to themselves and everyone around them. By choosing to have fun and go wild constantly, it's hard to decipher what's right and wrong when you yourself are altered by substance."

Hitting play on the single, "Colourful Things," a bright and vibrant electric guitar drops into One More Weekend's entire upbeat and energetic instrumental. As Connor Dougan makes his lively vocal appearance, he begins telling the tale of someone who feels the need to overdo it when at a party and indulge in their addictions that they might not be aware of. We adore One More Weekend's exhilarating performance, especially within the song's music video.

Peaking at the music video, viewers can catch scenes of our protagonist going a little too hard three nights in a row while everyone else steers away from indulging in the drugs and antics he gets himself into. Not to mention the ending scene of the protagonist disrupting One More Weekend's live performance, we truly appreciate the positive approach that the band has taken to enlighten viewers on the dangers of addiction.