One of the Most Prominent MC’s in Toronto, LolaBunz Releases Her First Single of 2020 "Sheisty"

One of the most prominent MC’s in Toronto, LolaBunz takes no prisoners with her first single of 2020. "Sheisty" tells the story of giving people your loyalty, only for them to betray your trust. The song is delivered with such raw emotion and masterful dictation that it’s clear to say, this year LolaBunz came to win. Known for her fierce lyricism and woke mentality, Lola proudly represents her city with strength and dedication like no other.

Landing major performances on network television channels and at major festivals, such as BET, South by Southwest and A3C Hip-Hop Festival. LolaBunz’s talent is being recognized the world over.

The artist regularly overcomes stereotypes placed on her as a female rapper and performs above and beyond the expected narrative. She continues to shock listeners, with her ability to sing, rap, be gritty and be conscious. In honor of these abilities, she even named her album 'Wild Card'. The last year has been incredible for LolaBunz's growth as an artist. She's been given the opportunity to perform on stages and meet fans internationally, as well as work with some of the most influential artists in the industry; but LolaBunz’s 2020 is looking even brighter. She kicks off the year with a bang, working with Grammy-Award Winning producer BricksDaMane on her new single "Sheisty". BricksDaMane is known for his work with Drake, Yung Thug, Baka Not Nice and many more. LolaBunz is redefining what it means to be a female rapper within the music industry and paving her way to icon status.

Listen to "Sheisty" by LolaBunz here.

Hey Lolabunz, welcome to BuzzMusic and thank you for being here! "Sheisty" is an incredible song that boasts powerful lyrics as well as a catchy hook. What was the process of writing this song?

Shiesty was a song I actually wrote quite a few months back. It was the production that stuck out to me at first. The pianos, that heavy base I had to tell a story on this piece of art.  To me, it told a story on its own, which inspired me to tell my own story. My music always comes from a real place and I like to tell real stories. At the time I wrote this song I was going through quite some hard times learning time and time again that not everyone who you think you can trust is worthy of your trust. Hence the meaning of the slang term "Shiesty".

You are known for delivering fierce lyrics every time you perform your work, whether that be on stage or in the studio. Where does this fire to share your music come from?

The thing is I LOVE performing. Before I started making music I was an actor, then I did mainly spoken word. But Hip hop brought out a different energy. I started off mainly freestyle rapping, battle rapping with all the guys in middle school, and my mission was always this; "I'm gonna go harder than the boys do". I told myself that since I started rapping at 11. So every time I wrote a song or performed I just always had it in my mind to go hard because you never know which song or which performance is going to take you to the next level in this industry. I want people to listen to me and remember my name. I want them to see me on stage and feel my passion. Being a female in a male-dominated industry, you have to work twice as hard to get noticed. And I'm not the type of female artist who sells sex as many females do. That's not me, so I let my lyrics do the work. When people hear the name LolaBunz I'm coming with that fire every time.

You’ve had great success performing at festivals throughout North America. How did it feel to break out of Toronto, Canada and into the music market of the U.S.A.?

It was really liberating and exciting. I've been performing since the age of 16/17 I've performed at probably almost every venue in Toronto, breaking out takes a lot of work and dedication. It wasn't easy, some of these festivals I applied for year after year and got No's, but I kept on writing new material and kept on trying before I was successful. In Toronto, it's easy to get discouraged, to feel like giving up, to feel like people are not supporting you because unfortunately lots of people won't really support you in this city until you blow. Breaking out and getting flown out to different cities, and states were just more motivation for me to keep going hard and know that as long as I do so more opportunities will continue to come to God willing.

2019 was a huge year for you but 2020 is going to be even bigger! What should we expect from you in the months to come?

Definitely some more music videos, and more versatile sounds. Most people don't know I also sing and I am Nigerian so I dive into Afrobeat as well. So expect some surprises this year for sure!