"One" Song to Rule Them All From Light Warriors

Inspired by the survival of joy within the current onslaught on negativity, Light Warriors channels the subtle realms in every note, raising their collective frequencies and bringing love into action through a singular sound that blends Rock, Funk, and Reggae.

With global indie sensibilities that are both familiar and free of boundaries, their music transmutes energy that invokes uplift from the hopeless mundane and instills peace within and deep connection to our global human family.

With the latest release of their most recent album, 'Book of One,' Light Warriors have provided listeners with nine versions of their soul-captured single, "One." Fueling a soundscape that is passion-driven with golden saxophone notes, tightly woven drum patterns, and eccentric bliss that pushes boundaries on any genre stereotype, Light Warriors have cast a reel into the pond of melismatic effervescence and placed it in the ears of the beholder.

The ambiance that is radiated through their captivating performance sits in a euphonious spotlight of well-vocalized impressions. Capturing their ambitious quintessence in the kingdom of superlative soul-powered ballads, the harmonies that lay in the depths of "One" have us absorbed in a pool of self-reflection. The amalgamation of sounds fostered explore a universe that individuals wouldn't think to go naturally. They fashion a path of musical optimism in a world where reality and pessimism are often looked at as the first choice.

The prevailing tenors that seep from "One" allow each element reminiscent of a specific genre to pop in its individualistic manner. Without giving an ounce of their integrity up, Light Warriors crafts a message that has their fan base gravitating towards their every move.