“One That I Want” Showcases Independent Up And Comer Phil’s Diverse Artistry

Authentic new artist Phil is here to hit the music scene hard with his original new sound. Phil is an independent artist out of Charlotte, NC who is currently making noise out of Brooklyn. Multi-talented, Phil is a singer, rapper and expert storyteller through his flawless lyrics. Growing up lower middle class, Phil has a different perspective on life that helps fuel his unique hip-hop. Phil has his foot on the gas pedal with no signs of slowing down he plans to release an EP this August and follow that up with an additional EP in October!

“One That I Want” truly accentuates Phil’s harmonically-rich vocals and talented songwriting ability. An emotive anthem “One That I Want” is a song to belt out when you’re feeling the love, or a song to turn all the way up and escape to. “One That I Want” gives the listener a retrospective look at Phil’s inner thoughts and feelings. He takes these emotions and turns them into spectacular and vulnerable poetry to share with the world. An admirable quality for an artist to have, Phil makes music that’s easily relatable. He builds connections with his listeners and dedicated fans through his powerful life experiences. I highly recommend you check out this powerhouse of a track!

Listen to “One That I Want” here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Hi Phil! How did you get started in the music industry? How old were you when you started writing?

I was asked by my homie, Donny T, from college to write a verse for one of his songs for an EP he was preparing for, for a group that i ended up being a part of called “Relevant”. And at first was kinda like “NO” ahaha but when i let go and just did it (wasn’t some of my best work) i really enjoyed expressing myself through the form of writing and figuring out what cadence or rhythm i would attack a certain beat with. And i guess you could say the rest was history. 

Is there a specific event or person that inspired you to start making music?

The funny thing is I’ve always wanted to be able to make music since i was a kid, with early chris brown, ne-yo and bow wow were REALLY popping. But in all honestly i was afraid that i couldn’t find a name cool enough that would match with my actual govt. name, Phillip. Then we i got to college and started working with my friends Donny T, Demeanor & Jabari they sort of pushed me to be the best i could be and release some of my own music (whether they know it or not). We would meet up and listen to hella albums and critique them and then have writing/freestyle sessions in Donny’s apartment.

What is your track “One That I Want” about? Is it based on life experience?

Most of my music is based on my experiences but a little bit exaggerated, almost like a movie. I think thats stems from being obsessed with movies (especially romance movies) from a young age and always lowkey wanting to have a movie like relationship/story. So yeah some of the thing in my track haven’t exactly happened but the info isn’t crazy far off and its not a full ass lie ahaha. Essentially the song is about running into the woman of my dreams and dropping every woman I’ve ever been with and expressing to her that she’s the only one i want and the positives of being with me.

Who do you look up to in the music industry? Why?

First and foremost i look up to people that I’ve been looking up to and i personally know such as Donny T, Demeanor, svmmerboy, Grandace, YoungILL, DJ Mal, Ashton Harris, Jr., J Hasan, Ebrin R. Stanley. They all inspire me because I’ve seen them hustling for a minute and i now how it feels to be an independent artist or to be a new upcoming artist. Then there’s the artist that are “big time” that i took up to such as Dababy (from my hometown), Chance, Saba, No name, Drake, 6lack, Janelle Monae and too many more to name. But i look up to them because they are dope ass versatile artists who just honestly make really good music and their sound inspires me so much.

What can we expect from your much anticipated EP’s this year?

My EP “Prince: The Prep” will be out on all platforms on August 16th will be a 4 songs of love and yearning, love and lost and just plain love songs. You’ll definitely be hearing some of my best vocals on a record to date and you’ll hear me start to be more in my bag of my sound and what i want it to be. This EP will be the definition of philsgood sound so i hope people rock with it!

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