Onen The Artist Proves His Dominance And Versatility With “No Chorus”

Onen The Artist is a talented rapper and lyricist coming to us from Toronto, Canada. He brings a versatile flow that he can switch up to fit the mood of any track. His ultimate goal is to make relatable tracks for his listeners and fans. He has the ambition and drive to make it big in the music industry. His latest track titled “No Chorus” brings through a clear love for life and hip hop in general. It’s is an easy anthem for the next few months, loaded with good vibes, quirky rhymes, and a consistently rhythmic flow that works well on top of the natural bounce of the beat.

Everything from the production to the vocal flow for this release is of impressive quality. The backdrop brings together a fairly classic hip hop style with a slightly more energizing vibe. There’s a smoothness to it all, and Onen The Artist’s voice alongside this works perfectly. “No Chorus” is a fresh track that tips its hat to the sound of today and that of a simpler time, working well to further introduce Onen The Artist’s style and sound.

Check out “No Chorus” here and read more with Onen The Artist below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic! “No Chorus” has many layers and different concepts. What’s the overall theme you were trying to achieve with this record?

In my track, I was aiming to mainly show my wordplay, I feel like the first and third verses in “No Chorus” do a pretty solid job in displaying that I can be crafty with my lyrics.

What do you hope your listeners take away from “No Chorus”?

I hope that my listeners will consider this song a “banger” in the end. Whether it’s with the lyrics or the beat, I want them to be able to turn up to it at any given moment.

What sets you apart from other hip-hop artists in today’s music scene?

Right now, I’d like to say that my motives do. I wanna get big and famous, but not to pay the bills, drip myself down and ice myself out... I mean like I obviously will do those, it’s the culture and life I wanna live. But, in reality, I’m doing it so I can have fans. Having my own fan base sounds amazing as well as performing in front of the sold-out arenas. Ever since I was little it has been a dream of mine. Also, I put a lot of work into my writing of a song. For example, in my future songs, I plan on trying to be more story-based to prove that I can get my theme and ideas across well. I also plan on displaying my vocal range more and the speeds of which I can truly rap.

We love the heavy beat in “No Chorus”, who produces your tracks?

All credits must go to one of my producers, he goes by Tron. He exclusively produced the two tracks I have out right now, everything deeply layered within those tracks are to my demands which I appreciate heavily. I’ve got a couple of songs coming out soon who will be produced by another amazing engineer I’ve been in contact with, he goes by Baby Got Beatz. So watch out for those as well.

If you had to pick just one song in your collection to adequately describe your sound, which song would you choose and why?

In all honesty, I’m still trying to find myself as an artist. That’s why my next few tracks are gonna be different from one another. I’ll be going hard and rapping fast in one, then being in my feels on another. I think what will help me influence my style is whichever songs get the most streams, in the end, it’s ultimately up to what the people who are invested in me want to hear. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll always stay true to myself and make the music I wanna make. Whether that’s me singing or snapping hard, I’ll do what I want. But, I also want my fan base to have those songs that they’ll consider popular or a classic someday and that’ll be a go-to track for them to play in the car.


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