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Onism E Warms Our Hearts and Shows Us What It’s Like When Everyone Comes Together

Onism E is a New York-based soulful, indie-rock group who is all about being down to earth and being about the music. With each song being an open connection to the listener and a fuzzy warm blanket from the members Eline Chavez (vocals), Chris ‘Lefty’ Vargas (guitar), and Chris ‘CeeRod’ Rodriguez (bass), Onism E welcomes anyone without any judgment or questions. Recently, Onism E released their statement of a record “My America,” and we love every second of their comforting sound.

“My America” opens up with a monologue of current world events and how people are coming together before blowing us off of our seats with an equally thundering and chill rhythm section that we couldn’t help but feel nostalgic by. What seals the deal is when Eline Chavez’s silky vocals enter, they were incredibly comforting to listen to - almost like a soft pillow you can lean on after a long day. “My America” is both feel good and emotional, it’s one of those records where it will really make you think about yourself and your life and all of those around you, and we believe this is exactly what Onism E wanted in their music. Since listening to “My America,” our hearts are full of warmth and can’t wait to hear what else is coming from Onism E. #BUZZMUSIC

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