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Only Okay Gives Us “All My Life”

Straight out of the City of Angels heart emerges Griffin Shiminski, an artist known as Only Okay, who has been pouring his soul into music since he first hit the scene.

His unique brand of storytelling through rap, reminiscent of Eminem's style, has given him a distinct voice in an often overcrowded genre. Griffin has an ambitious 2023 planned, with twelve EPs on the docket, and "All My Life," the latest EP, is a testament to his dedication and creative prowess.

The title song, "All My Life," is a poignant reflection of Shiminski's personal journey. It's a tune he penned half a decade ago, a lyrical compass that has guided him through life's trials and triumphs. The EP also delves into the intricacies of relationships, a brutally honest exploration of the past that serves as a mirror for personal growth. Griffin invites listeners into his world, showing them the scars, healing, breakups, and breakthroughs, reminding them that everyone has the power to evolve beyond their past.

"All My Life" is a rap anthem that hits hard and resonates deeply. The beat, while straightforward, provides an excellent canvas for the lyrical artistry. Griffin's rapid-fire verses barely pause for air before they're followed by the silky smooth vocals of the talented Lynzi Hadden, adding a beautiful counterpoint to the staccato flow of the rap. The simplicity of the beat accentuates the emotive lyrics and passionate delivery, creating an immersive listening experience.

The production of the EP is clean, too, with a piano-heavy style that lends an intimate atmosphere to the narrative. This intimate touch contrasts with Shiminski's previous works and signals an evolution in his style. The slower pace and introspective lyrical content make this collaborative work with Lynzi Hadden a standout in his discography. "All My Life" shows Griffin's growth as an artist and his ability to tell compelling stories through his music.

Griffin is not one to settle for less. His ambitious plans include more music and lyric videos from the "All My Life" EP throughout May, and a performance in Detroit is on the horizon. As we look forward to another EP dropping on May 26th, we can only anticipate more exciting collaborations from Only Okay. Griffin Shiminski is a name to remember, a voice to listen to, and a talent to watch out for as he continues his remarkable musical journey.

Tap in with this one today, available on all platforms.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Only Okay! Congrats on your latest drop with “All My Life," which has a unique and emotional depth. Can you share some specific life events or experiences that directly inspired the lyrics of this song? "All My Life" is written like a breakup song; when I wrote it, the biggest breakup I went through was between me and baseball. I had played baseball my whole life and was recruited to play in college. When that didn't work out, I started writing songs, and this was among the first I had ever written. The song describes a very intimate relationship that has ended. I cannot move on until I acknowledge how much the relationship meant to me, between me and baseball. The song "All My Life" strongly juxtaposes your rap verses and Lynzi Hadden's smooth vocals. Can you discuss the creative decision behind this contrast and how it aligns with your intended message in "All My Life?" The verses are intense but not angry, and the choruses are melodic and stern. The intensity in the verse is meant to match the intensity of the relationship being described, and I wanted something that would keep the listener's attention. I remember telling Lynzi that I thought she should use Alicia Keys to influence her delivery because I thought it would fit the old-school storytelling vibe, and she nailed it. The chorus reminds me that "breaking up" was the right thing to do and that I must get it off my chest to move forward. The beat for "All My Life" is not overly complex, effectively highlighting the vocals and lyrics. Can you share more about the decision to keep the beat relatively simple and how it impacts the listener's engagement with the song's narrative? Simple is always the way to go, especially when telling a story. A beat that has too much going on can distract from the lyrics of the song, and the lyrics were what I wanted to highlight in this one. We decided to use a fast piano in the verses and longer chords in the chorus to fit the song's pace. Chuck Alkazian at Pearl Sound Studios did an amazing job putting this beat together. He set the '90s vibe we were going for on this one and allowed my lyrics to be the main focus. "All My Life" is the centrepiece of an EP that you say is very piano-heavy and more intimate than your previous works. Could you elaborate on why you chose this song to explore a slower pace and more introspective lyrical content?

All My Life is a remake of a song I originally wrote and released five years ago. It has always been one of my favorites, so I wanted to revisit it with a new approach since my approach to songwriting has changed since it first came out. It's a lot slower-paced because I want people to hear what I am saying in my lyrics. I am not afraid to be personal and talk about my own experience because I hope to help somebody who might be going through something similar. I wanted to sound comfortable on this song, and the slower pace helped me do so. With "All My Life" capturing significant attention and given the ambitious series of EPs you're releasing this year, could you give us a glimpse of what your fans can expect from your future projects? How will the themes or styles explored in "All My Life" shape your musical direction in the future?

This one will influence my future projects regarding how honest I will be in my songs. I will continue to speak from personal experience on my songs in the future, and each project will have at least one deep song with a piano. I have a project dropping May 26th called WARZONE that features a few new sounds for me, so you can expect some experimenting from me on future projects. Using music as an outlet has allowed me to let go and have fun, and you'll be able to hear it in these new songs. The theme of making peace with things will also be explored more in my next EPs. Chuck and I will continue working throughout the year to bring consistency to our projects.


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