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Open The Door And “Read The Room,” On Anti Groupies' Latest Banger

Anti Groupies, the rising force of punk rock from the South Bay area of Southern California, has unleashed its latest single and accompanying music video, "Read the Room."

With production by Matt McJunkins of A Perfect Circle/Puscifer, this all-women outfit is rapidly garnering attention, building a dedicated fanbase, and cultivating strategic connections within the industry, all while upholding a steadfast DIY ethos.

Released on January 25th, "Read the Room" marks another milestone in the band's journey, showcasing their knack for energetic performances and raw, unfiltered expression. The Anti-Groupies are a fixture in the Southern California music scene, frequently gracing stages alongside notable acts like Speed Of Light, Minor Strut, The Dropoffs, Prestyn Smith, and Tomorrow's Anthem.

Drawing inspiration from a diverse array of rock influences spanning from Black Sabbath to Paramore, from Sex Pistols to Rush, and beyond, their music embodies a fusion of styles that captivates audiences and pays homage to the raw spirit of underground punk and alternative rock of the 90s.

Comprising Kyla on drums, Sydney on bass, Cassidy on guitar and vocals, and Bella on guitar, The Anti-Groupies are poised for a dynamic year ahead. With plans to continue their relentless live performance schedule across California and beyond, they are also in the studio with producer Jim Wirt, known for his work with bands like Incubus, Dial-7, and Fiona Apple.

As anticipation builds for their upcoming releases, fans can stay connected with The Anti-Groupies on Instagram for the latest updates and behind-the-scenes glimpses into their musical journey.

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