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Open Your Eyes to CiteMe’s Political Injustice Journey With New Album, 'Stamp the Card'

CiteMe’s recent album release titled 'Stamp the Card,' inspires people to stand up and speak out on injustices that have gone on for far too long in our current society.

This album features many different emotions felt through the learning truths that have been covered and learning to disassociate politics from human rights, packed into daring electronic/pop songs.

CiteMe wastes no time easing you in, requiring deep thought and personal reflection from the first beat in “Criminal Aftermath – Remix”. We are introduced to the corruption in this fierce electronic song with many intriguing aspects. The vocal effects, prominent beat, and raw lyrics paint a perfect picture of where “Stamp the Card” is going to go, and the blind following of corrupt systems. The addition of energetic pop-like vocals and sounds of loading guns give “Criminal Aftermath – Remix” all the elements of a hit song.

The second track on “Stamp the Card” brings more ethical awareness to a lively and resilient backing track. “WTF (Worth The Fire)” addresses the hypocritical notion of believing what’s most important is only what affects the individual. Change is always hard, but it’s worth it to erase the degrading system that dismisses people’s experiences. The synth melodies and sultry vocals draw more attention in this song, quickly reaching a crescendo and exploding emotion.

“Establishing Fear” is an eccentric, genre-defying song embodying suppression and the fear that is instilled among citizens by authority figures. Powerful, loud choruses contrast the lighter, less demanding verses and keep the listener engaged. The slow down for the bridge allows the shine through of the most real and raw lyrics in “Establishing Fear”, calling out political silence being identical to joining the opposing side. A quick transition to the fiery, upbeat climax gives “Establishing Fear” a lasting impression.

“Coup D’état” features hardcore and gritty vocals that truly stand out against the combative backing track. An overflow of boldness makes for the perfect base to draw attention to the unease in politics in the United States, and what it could lead to. Echoing vocal effects add to the eeriness of the atmosphere, tying together the song nicely.

“Never Me” is the next loud and fearless installment of the “Stamp the Card” album. The vivid beat dances through your head and leaves the lyrics echoing in your soul. CiteMe’s vocal range is effortlessly displayed in “Never Me”, from falsetto to harmonies. Though the majority of the song is it ends with a chaotic mix of instrumentation, illustrating the complicated thoughts running through the lyrics. They epitomize hiding your true self to assimilate into someone else’s life.

A unique introduction follows the descent of the potent and dark “Chaos”. A slower start leaves you stunned when the powerhouse of a chorus sweeps you off your feet. Repetitive lyricism adds to the intensity of “Chaos”, drilling the emotions into your head as they fly around the landscape of the words. The abrupt ending leaves you wanting more as CiteMe transitions to

the next song.

“Intolerance” brings the exact thunder that you would expect from the song title and the power moves we have seen from CiteMe so far. Exemplifying taking accountability for the actions of yourselves and those around you, “Intolerance” is exactly the wake-up call that could be necessary for some. A mix of simple instrumentation and a strong-willed beat form the backbone of this song, keeping it on the wavelength of the rest of “Stamp the Card”.

“To Be Loved” is the most light-hearted song on ”Stamp the Card” so far but is still able to keep the impassioned lyrics and wild electronic synth beats. The catchy melody is sure to stick in your head, and CiteMe’s classic angelic vocals are prominent in this one. CiteMe sings “I don’t wanna be known, I wanna be loved”, speaking to the hearts of listeners on many levels.

The smooth piano introduces us to “Under”, a song of great magnitude to keep you feeling the lyrics on a deeper level as the “Stamp the Card” album comes close to the end. This song is full of character, heightening the relationship between CiteMe and her listeners. The chorus comes in strong and defiant, an intricate balance of disorder and harmony. Airy and alleviating vocals take you through a story of drowning and having no way to save yourself.

To close off this self-aware and politically charged album, “Figured It Out” brings back the fierce and forceful ambiance that was prominent at the start of “Stamp the Card”. Atmospheric harmonies and characteristic vocals describe the long road we have ahead before we reach peace. The lyrics just keep giving in “Figured It Out”, a combination of many of the roller coasters we were taken on throughout the length of this album. “If I can’t fight for you who will fight for me” is one of many eye-opening lyrics in this song that stands out as valiant and urging for change.

The “Stamp the Card” album has everything from electrifying melodies to staggering lyrics. CiteMe brings current issues to life in a creative and heart-touching way, making this album a must-listen.

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