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Open Your Heart With Matt Lang's Passionate Single, "Only A Woman"

Bringing his Québec roots to Nashville, TN, the Country Artist, and Singer/Songwriter Matt Lang releases an endearing single titled "Only A Woman," off his debut album 'More.'

The likes of Matt Lang have been garnering vast attention and recognition since the release of his debut EP, 'Matt Lang,' which leading singles received over 7.5M interactions. Before recording the EP in 2018, Matt Lang didn't speak a word of English, yet after a year had passed, he was already mastering the language and well on his way to his first English language project.

As fluent as fluent can be, Matt Lang is now soaking in the depths of the language with his latest song, "Only A Woman," a passionate tune surrounding the immense love he shares for someone special. Genuinely a sweet Country track that brightens our days with help from the dreamy instrumentals and Matt Lang's warm serenade, the single offers emotion from all corners while reminding us to hold our loved ones close.

His single, "Only A Woman," warmly opens with Matt Lang's profound and passionate vocals, eagerly singing his heart's message to someone dear.

As we're focusing on Matt Lang's vocals at first, the most subtle and sweet instrumentals begin to pour incredible warmth into the song through the down-tempo drums, bright acoustic guitar, a heartfelt string section, and Gospel-like background vocals.

We honestly can't get enough of the pure passion and heart that Matt Lang has infused into this sweet single, as he sings from such a genuine place and reminds listeners that true love happens when the time is right.

Ending the song off with his inviting and charming vocals, Matt Lang has indeed delivered nothing but desire and ease with his single, "Only A Woman," while offering listeners comfort and passion through the warm instrumentals.

What drew you to record Only A Woman? What was it about that song that resonates with you?

When I decide to record a song, I try to imagine how it would sound live. I try to see myself performing it with the band and how the crowds would react. This song was written by Tebey, Negin Djafari, and Tre Jean-Marie and I just loved it the minute I heard it. I haven’t had the chance to perform this one life yet and I can’t wait.

How was your summer with no significant touring due to COVID? How did you keep yourself busy?

With a brand-new album out, I was still busy promoting the new music and I was lucky to have a few shows in Quebec.

We had a small tour of drive-in shows and we also did a virtual concert back in July. It was definitely very different than what we usually do, but we had so much fun getting the whole team together again and perform. I also got to film the music video for Only a Woman and did a lot of home renovations. I can’t wait for everything to go back to normal, but I can’t complain.

How does your single "Only A Woman" fit into your overall album 'More'? Does the single complement the album's concept or theme in any way?

Only a Woman is the only ballad on the album. The other songs are very old school country, festive and fun.

We wanted to have something different with Only a Woman. It brings out another side of the project, something more pop and more personal. If Ed Sheeran ever records a country song, I think it would sound like Only a Woman haha!

What has been keeping you inspired throughout 2020 to create music? What can we expect to see next from you as we enter a new year?

I’ve been listening to a lot of music, old and new. I’ve been working on covers in my studio, just to have fun and try new things. I also just bought pedal steel, so I’ve been practicing a lot. We haven’t toured with the new album yet so hopefully, this is what 2021 will be about.

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