Open Your Mind with Luo’xia Moji

Luo’xia Moji is a twenty-year-old musician from Philadelphia who is eager to take on the challenges of being an artist. With a motivated mindset, he hopes to share his wisdom and encouragement with his listeners through his creative songwriting.

Luo’xia Moji produces the type of music that will serve and inspire his fans in the exact way they need it. His humanitarian attitude is evident in his most recent EP 'Moji’s World Peace.' Moji is the type of artist who rejects the possibility of becoming stuck in one genre. Throughout his career, he plans to release different types of songs that fall under a diverse list of genres including rock, pop, and alternative. While still able to bring us the best of contemporary beats, he also appreciates the natural sound of instruments such as the trombone.

With such a unique sound and an open mind when it comes to music style, Luo’xiaMoji’s potential as an artist knows no bounds.