Open Your Mind With MISY’s Latest EP 'LIFE, SOLACE & DIVINITY'

Southern Californian Songwriter MISY releases her smooth and modern EP 'LIFE, SOLACE & DIVINITY.' Never conforming to one genre, MISY has experimented with many different styles all to narrow down her unique and ethereal sound. Letting her emotions lead the way, MISY has created a beautiful 4-track EP that blends the likes of R&B, soul, hip-hop, and pop. Giving us modern and fresh sounds through brilliant production techniques, MISY’s EP “LIFE, SOLACE & DIVINITY” takes us through warm and bright thoughts of floating around your daydream. The intro track “Divine” is exactly that, gracing down from above with heavenly production that reaches our hearts, MISY’s vocals chime in and perfectly meet the production's ethereal feel.

Her vocals seem so effortless as she easily sings passionate melodies with incredibly meaningful lyrics. Singing about how her heart skips a beat when she’s in someone’s presence, and how she’s finally found someone to love her the way she desires. Finally settling down with someone who she loves deeply, MISY gives many thanks to the powers above for the life she was given, and the loving person by her side.

The next track “La Da Da” opens with more of a spoken word approach through MISY’s voice, while she speaks her truth of finding beauty amongst the madness. A textured mid-tempo beat that ranges from R&B to soul through soft instrumentals and transcendent synths. MISY comes forward with very realistic lyrics of being a wide-eyed child and not realizing the hardships that come with life. As she used to dream about her future, now MISY has to think twice about what she truly wants after experiencing the downsides of life. The beat keeps us in a trance the entire way through and genuinely doesn’t fail to transport us to dream-like places.

The third track being “Our Own World”, MISY ties in this mix of R&B and EDM through precise production that keeps us wanting more. The opening organ really gives the song that nostalgic feel, all while the remaining production is very modern and fresh. MISY sings lyrics about escaping reality, and instead of questioning whether she’s died and gone to heaven, she realizes that all that happened was the opening of her mind. Singing passionate lyrics of living in your own world with someone special, MISY provides a very soulful song that highlights her tender passion towards this person and life in general.

Ending off the EP with the outro track “Fake People”, we can really hear the hip-hop influence on this song. A very catchy tune right from the beginning, especially through the ambient production that’s very well crafted. MISY sings about inauthenticity and how many people will never accept their trauma, instead try to ignore and run from it. She lets us know that it’s normal to feel lost because we can’t find ourselves when we haven't lost ourselves first. A very conceptual track that lets you realize how similar human beings are, and how we all fight our inner demons in order to find some clarity.

All four tracks on MISY’s EP brought us to the moon and back with celestial production, timeless messages, and her tender vocal stylings. Make sure not to miss out on the EP’s experience, as we’re sure you’ll find a message that relates.

Discover 'LIFE, SOLACE & DIVINITY' here.

Hey MISY, welcome to BuzzMusic! We’re captivated by each track on your recent expansive EP “LIFE, SOLACE & DIVINITY”. What was your main inspiration behind the creation of your EP?

This EP came together in a super interesting way. For about 6 months, I wasn't releasing music solely because I was recording so much! Bradley Carter, my producer, and partner, has taught me so much about producing, that it made me want to get more creative with my recording style. We challenge each other to write a song every day. Although it doesn't always happen, there are days where a song like "Divine" comes out so effortlessly, that it would be foolish of me not to release it! And I felt that way about the other three songs on this EP, too. Listening through all this music we had made,  I realized that these four songs all had similar themes, talking about the world and the people in it, falling in love, and growing up. Each of these songs came from life epiphanies I was having and hard lessons I was learning, as well as constantly being reminded of my deep love for Bradley. We made this entire EP together from start to finish, and I am honored to have co-produced the entire project beside him. We also had some intense spiritual experiences together that inspired these songs. That's why I called the EP "LIFE, SOLACE & DIVINITY" because it's about learning from life, finding your inner solace, and connecting with the divinity that is around and inside all of us! 

With four different tracks off your “LIFE, SOLACE & DIVINITY” EP, MISY serves powerful atmospheres with each song. Why did you choose these four tracks to make up your EP, and did you have other contenders that didn't make the cut?

All four of these songs have a dream-like production quality, conversational lyrics, and contain truths from my life that I wanted to share together. I felt that these songs represented a side of me that I haven't shown my listeners yet. It is the first project I am releasing that contains drug references and profanity, but it is my most honest work yet. "Divine" and "Our Own World" are like sister songs to me, because they both represent the love I have for this world and for Bradley. "La Da Da" and "Fake People" on the other hand are also like sister songs, because they are both more conversational, where I sing about the deeper things on my heart and my mind. Like growing up, and how scary that is. And realizing that people aren't always going to be genuine. And you're gonna be let down but love makes everything worth it. I definitely have more songs that could've made the cut, but these songs just flowed together so perfectly that it wasn't much of a struggle to make the decision to release these together. 

MISY really tied her heart into the entire EP “LIFE, SOLACE & DIVINITY”. Do you have a song on the EP that’s the most personal to you, and why?

Yes. "La Da Da" is my most personal for sure. I wrote this around my 25th birthday. I was feeling like the past 25 years have just flown by, and was feeling a little down about getting older. After dealing with depression and anxiety for the past 15 years, I was getting tired of the strains of the music industry and the way of life I had chosen. The lyric "dreams used to be what I was living for, now I'm not so sure" is my favorite lyric on the EP. I was sitting on my couch with the mic in front of me, I sang that lyric and soon enough, this song was born in the most effortless way. I was really questioning my life when I wrote this. I can be so hard on myself with my goals, that it was slowly killing me. The pressure I had built up and put on myself to be successful was a lot. I realized that I actually didn't want the life I had been dreaming of for so long. I could care less about followers and I don't want to be in the public eye. I realized I could never live without songwriting, but I could live without performing. The life of an "artist" gives me so much anxiety, and I had to break free of that. Now I'm just living humbly, focusing on writing, and releasing music when I feel like it, and I have never felt so free. The realizations I talk about in this song gave me that inner freedom.

Each track off your “LIFE, SOLACE & DIVINITY” EP brings forward a unique message of their own. Was there an overall message that you wanted listeners to grasp from the EP?

Overall, I just want people to see that life is all about the ups and downs. It's not about the destination, but the journey. That's what I want people to get out of this record. This world can be cruel, but we cannot forget how absolutely beautiful it can be, also. And without the bad, we can't have the good. We all feel a little lost sometimes and we're all learning, so just be real and true to yourself and everything will work out. I think our society is slowly forgetting that authenticity is how we grow, and how we learn from each other. Our modern world pressures us to be perfect, but nobody is perfect! We all have our own path, our own story, and each of us is divine in our own way, and we can help each other if we open up and allow love to guide us. 

What's next for you?

I am thinking about releasing a full album by the end of this year! I have quite a few acoustic-pop songs that I'd like to get out in the world, and certain songs that I've been holding onto but could definitely be released together. Bradley and I just signed a licensing deal together, so who knows, we might be selling some of those songs for TV & film! The future is unclear but very bright, and I couldn't be more excited about my career as a songwriter and a producer!