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OpenSoul’s Festive Triumph Happens Within “Blue Christmas”

Hailing from Negril, Jamaica, OpenSoul, the musical sensation, is a true rarity in an industry often saturated with auto-tune and edgy personalities.

Blessed with celestial vocals, infectious charm, and an innate gift for songwriting, OpenSoul stands out as an artist and a genuinely good soul. If gratitude had a sound, it would undoubtedly echo the harmonious vibes of OpenSoul.

OpenSoul epitomizes the essence of the moment, and this Christmas, he graces us with a new classic, "Blue Christmas," boldly claiming the title from the legendary Elvis. A nonchalantly masterful songwriter, OpenSoul expertly navigates between holiday optimism and lyrical melancholy, delivering falsetto riffs that effortlessly immerse listeners in the festive spirit.

Paired with Steven Bernard's equally masterful music video, "Blue Christmas" transforms into a visual feast, capturing the heart of the season. Amidst palm trees and twinkling lights, OpenSoul invites us to his homeland for a seasonal celebration. Bernard's deliberate camerawork turns a simple concept into an instant classic, creating an experience that fans will cherish for years.

Before ascending in his music career, OpenSoul left an indelible mark on the acclaimed Netflix hit "Top Boys." Collaborating with the equally talented Andon, his tropical-infused R&B melodies serenaded audiences across Jamaican resorts.

With a devoted following of over 20k on Instagram, OpenSoul stands on the precipice of a breakthrough, tantalizing fans with a scintillating collection of tracks and the promise of a debut album early next year.

"Blue Christmas" transcends the typical holiday tune, an open expression of heartbreak and yearning, delivered through OpenSoul's brilliant and opulent vocals. The harmonious backing vocals add a glistening touch of harmony, and the infectious beat is a rhythmic delight.

With profound vocal runs and a melodic masterpiece that speaks directly to the soul, OpenSoul's "Blue Christmas" is a must-have addition to your holiday playlist. This seasonal sensation begs for repeated enjoyment.

"Blue Christmas" has graced us just in time for the holiday season. Can you please share a specific moment or experience that ignited the creation of this record?

Blue Christmas came about by a heartbreak I had close to a Christmas one year, but it got amplified when I witnessed a stranger go through a similar situation. When my manager sent me this Christmas beat, I pulled from these experiences and decided to say my piece and ask the spirit of Christmas to at least flip the script of this Blue Christmas I or anyone else had ever experienced.

Please walk us through the creative process when crafting this gem with Steven Bernard. Do you have any rituals or specific environments that enhance your songwriting and production, and did these come into collaboration when bringing "Blue Christmas" to life?

Working with Steven, the director, for my videos is always a great time. The video for Blue Christmas was done at the last minute because the song was written and recorded close to Christmas. My manager asked him to develop a quick concept because we wanted to release the song and video before Christmas Day, even though we were already in the season.

He came up with this simple yet very beautiful concept of me performing the song with a band in the background outdoors decorated with Christmas lights and other elements. It was simple yet magical at the same time. When it comes to songwriting, there are two places my mind is clear: in the bathroom or by the beach alone. There are no distractions, and my mind is just free. Before production, I need a drink, lol. This process stays true to all my songs.

This track offers a fresh take on a classic theme. How different is creating a holiday song from the music you typically create? How did you approach infusing your style into a well-known seasonal concept?

Blue Christmas was different from my other songs. First off, I'm from the Caribbean. In most of the internationally known Christmas songs, there are things that I can't strictly relate to, like the snow, the reindeer, the chimney, etc. Hence, I had to carefully construct my lyrics to be internationally acceptable and accurate to what I'd always known about Christmas growing up. I'm proud of what I was able to formulate.

Your music is often described as a fusion of genres. How do your Jamaican roots and diverse musical influences contribute to the unique sound of OpenSoul?

I've always been a lover of music. I view myself as an R&B artist with the potential to manipulate other genre styles. I've explored and experienced different genres by listening to the radio and through various choirs I was in growing up. My Jamaican roots also have a part to play in my sound. My sound is not the typical R&B voice, but it's a twist, and I am willing to work on that for me and my soulmates.

Your Instagram following has grown significantly. How do you cultivate a sense of community with your fans, and how does their feedback and engagement influence your creative process?

Yes, my following is increasing. My soulmates are always showing support when it comes to my music. I'll have people DMing me to share how they feel about my music, and quite frankly, I love it. I sometimes would reach out to check on them. It is imperative to make your fans feel seen and heard instead of ignoring their messages or comments. Even though an artist may write or do the music themselves, once you have supporters, it's no longer just you. There have to be ways to build that relationship with them because, truth be told, if you have no supporters, your music would've never been heard.

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