Operation Underground Is Back With A Brand New EP “Conflicting Sides”

Operation Underground is a Denver based hip-hop duo making their name known since their formation in October 2018. Influenced by Eminem, Nas, Insane Clown Posse, Twiztid, The Notorious B.I.G., Tupac, N.W.A, The Beastie Boys, Operation blends multiple genres to create their own unique style. Operation Underground’s new EP “Conflicting Sides” takes the listeners on a 4-track journey through the eclectic soundscapes of this dynamic duo. 

“Here We Come” is exactly what its title promises and OU delivers bars with natural confidence and heart. Both members have a certain tone and vocal style that’s easy to acclimatize to and recognize. That voice becomes a comforting thread amidst an otherwise chaotic and creatively experimental, industrial soundscape. “Can’t Go Back” is an early highlight, creatively free and spacious yet again, but rhythmic enough to build a sense of togetherness in the room. The simplicity of production continues amidst unique instrumental layers and decidedly original beats. The EP often feels like a poetry slam session, carefully crafted on top of a series of mildly tribal, minimalist musical performances. There’s always a strong beat to connect with, but occasionally, in contrast, you get moments and quiet instances of pure vocal outpouring; whispers and melodies. “Our Rock City” stands out for its louder confidence and that anthem-like rhythm and energy once again. Operation Underground takes full advantage of the opportunity to perform and enjoy themselves, and it shows well. 

There’s something about the way the project plays out that gives it more of a return-visit vibe than that of a single sitting playlist. There’s an intensity to many of the ideas, not just the lyrics but the emotions, the artistry, the pondering. Moments like “Restless” whisper out to you with mystery and intrigue. You’re reminded of the considerate artists behind all of this. Operation Underground leaves nothing unsaid, and that makes the experience a heavy yet worthy one. It’s also easy to visualize a live performance, the minimalism would work well organically, and your focus would rightfully be on the vocalists.

“Conflicting Sides” is a brilliantly refreshing EP that’s all at once distant from the mainstream and still desperate to connect. Check it out here and read more with Operation Underground below!

Hey Operation Underground! We're incredibly excited to feature "Conflicting Sides"! It's a genuine and honest EP that we feel the utmost love for. Where did you draw the inspiration from to curate this project?

Tha Freek:  We took all the positives after the mad world ep was done being promoted and that was Here We Come and Our Rock City.

Magnificent T: We wanted to be more versatile in this project and the name of it is based on how 2 of the songs were more positive, upbeat and energetic. While the other half is more Sad, Dark and negative. The cover was based on visions we came up with. 

Can you tell us the predominant message behind "Restless"? How did you feel writing/recording the track, and how did you intend your listeners to feel?

Tha Freek:  One of the elements of the song is to do what's best for you in your life.

Magnificent T:  Restless was a more personal song about things we've been going through and that have been bothering us. For me writing the song and recording it helped get it out but I was mainly depressed when writing and recording it. My bro Tha Freek was write about the message of the song is how “ You gotta do what’s best for you “ No matter what you’re going through you gotta put yourself number one to be happy and successful no matter what it takes. 

"Here We Come” is an energizing and refreshing new song. Where did you draw inspiration for this particular track?

Tha Freek:  The inspiration for me had to do with the fact we were creating our own path and how this is ours and people can't jump on us thinking we will save them. Magnificent T: 

We were feeling very positive when we created this song and the message on my parts was basically no matter what we're going through or no matter what happens we’re making it and continuing to do us and reach the top. The bridge in the song was pretty much a message to our Doubters/Haters about how people have tried to get in our way and throw us off or make us quit or give up but are message to them is It’s a brand new day and we’re here to stay no matter what. 

We know that you're a lover of integrating a variety of elements in your music. Would you ever incorporate contrasting genres into your music, or do you think it would ruin the type of sound you're attempting to reach?

The Freek:

I think if we tried too it would kinda ruin what we are trying to do. 

Magnificent T:  I agree with Tha Freek on this. We love trying new things in music but we wouldn’t change too much like you gotta feel comfortable and walk a fine line with experimenting and make sure you’re still being yourself at the end of the day. 

It was great having you here on BuzzMusic! Tell us more about what's next for you after this EP release? Any shows in the near future?!

Tha Freek:

We plan on releasing more music after this ep. That is something we are working on.

Magnificent T:  We have a lot of exciting things coming. And we really appreciate you guys giving us the opportunity to be on BuzzMusic and are very thankful for it! We definitely look forward to being on BuzzMusic again too.