Operation Underground Takes Us On a Contrasting Journey With Rap Single "Bad Blood"

Rap duo Operation Underground is here from Denver, CO, to bring a more raw and authentic rap style to the music game. Being influenced by artists such as Eminem, Tupac, and The Beastie Boys, Operation Underground display that their sound is multi-faceted via the contrast between the duo's executions. The differed styles, once combined together, bring about a sound that is both contemporary and old-school. The duo only formed in late October of 2018, and already they've seemed to put together the sound they really believe is changing the way things are done within the scene.

"Bad Blood" is the most recent single offering from Operation Underground, where the duo brings about a sultry appeal coupled with a more intense and elemental rap execution. The track's wordplay is clever, where Operation Underground takes the track to speak on "bad blood" expressions and experiences. One element that protruded out to us the most was how original sounding the rap style was with this duo. We can guarantee that you haven't quite heard a rap style as unrefined as Operation Underground. The flow of verses comes naturally, and you can easily tell that there wasn't much fabrication that went into the production of "Bad Blood". The track sounds as real as it can get, and with the alluring chorus to frequently stimulate listeners in a different sense, the track itself proves to be incredibly dynamic. We're interested to see where the duo takes themselves next, that's for sure.

Check out "Bad Blood" by Operation Underground here.