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Opium Ink Releases a "Magnetic" New Single

Soaring in from New York City, the alternative rock duo Opium Ink releases their powerful and strikingly emotional single entitled "Magnetic."

The alternative rock band features the talented stylings of lead vocalist/bassist Sarah Orloff and drummer Wilma Kaddissi along with guest guitarists. Mixing rock and electronic to create a unique sound full of grit and glam, Opium Ink's infectious sound has landed them to share stages with acts like The Misfits, Everclear, Brand New, and many others.

Getting to the goods, Opium Ink recently released their robust and explosive single, "Magnetic," produced by The Anix. The single takes on an emotional lyrical topic of realizing that you're the one that got away and never want to turn away from a love that's been a while in the making.

Plunging into the single, "Magnetic," the song opens with a scorching hot lead guitar alongside a punchy rhythm guitar and crashing drum breaks. Once Sarah Orloff makes her unique vocal appearance, the vocal filters, and electronic tones instantly remind us of a gritter and more powerful Grimes. As Wilma Kaddissi's crisp drum breaks lead us through the song, we're left banging our heads with the band's sturdy instrumental arrangements.

Diving deeper into their lyricism, Sarah Orloff expands on being the one that got away and feeling an inner sense of emptiness after leaving a love that was incredibly comfortable yet troubled. As Opium Ink leads us towards the outro, they end the song on a fiery yet highly introspective note.

Don't miss out on the exhilarating experience of Opium Ink's latest upbeat, emotional, and striking single, "Magnetic," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

What a powerful listening experience you've provided with your latest single, "Magnetic." What inspired the creation of this striking single?

What inspired the creation was an intense push and pull of a relationship that wasn’t meant to be.

What was your band's creative process like when creating the instrumentation for "Magnetic?" How did you want the single to make listeners feel?

The song started with bass and a vocal melody. Then we got together in the rehearsal studio several times and kept working on it until we were satisfied. We wanted to make listeners feel mesmerized. How can new listeners get to know your band better through singles like "Magnetic?" Would you say that this heavy alt-rock/electronic sound is a staple for your duo?

Yes, it is a staple for us. We both love rock, electronic, and industrial music. We like to blend them together in our songs. Seeing that your group consists of two trailblazing female musicians, would you say that you've faced more ethical challenges than a male duo would? Do you have any words of advice for other female musicians in our cut-throat music industry?

No, we really haven’t faced any ethical challenges thankfully! We would tell other female musicians to make the music they love and want to hear. What's your favorite release of this year, from an independent artist you admire?

Our favorite release so far this year is the song ‘Your Lies Are Like Fire’ by The Anix and Julien-K.

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