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ORACLE666 Makes Her Debut With a Single and Music Video Entitled "Celadon Haze"

From Israel to Russia and then Central Texas, the self-identified nonbinary queer femme artist and fanatical singer-songwriter ORACLE666 makes her debut with a dazzling music video for her single, "Celadon Haze."

It was only until the second half of adolescence that ORACLE666 felt a sense of validation through fellow creatives who helped her feel at home and accepted. "It is never lost on me how lucky I am to live in a place where I can express my gender and sexual identity openly, especially in relation to the countries I come from," quotes ORACLE666.

Embarking on her solo career with the debut single, "Celadon Haze," ORACLE666 fueled this song with an ethereal Bjork-inspired trance/pop sound while singing of the loves we can't seem to let go of. Speaking on her accompanying music video, ORACLE666 depicts a contemporary queer love story in the age of Covid-19, jam-packed with the magnetic scenes of ORACLE666 reminiscing lost love.

Listening to the single "Celadon Haze," we're met with an ethereal and soothing electronic soundscape that blurs the lines of dizzying trance and iridescent pop. As ORACLE666 makes her warm and tender vocal appearance, we can't help but feel a similar tone to Grimes through her soft delivery and soothing tones. Moving towards the outro, ORACLE666 transports us into this sci-fi and electronic fairytale through each magnetic melody and emotional lyric.

Hitting play on the music video for "Celadon Haze," the video begins with a brilliant shot of ORACLE666 emerging from ruins in a strappy rave-culture outfit while moving with the grace of the sonics. Transitioning into scenes of ORACLE666 strolling along with the hustle and bustle of the New York subway, only to find herself in a fantasy accompanied by a serene femme-counterpart who ORACLE666 yearns for.

Introduce yourself to the ethereal and shimmering stylings of ORACLE666 through her latest single, "Celadon Haze,' and accompanying music video now on YouTube, Vevo, and iTunes.


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