Original, Raw Funk Music in “The Drunk Song” By Brae Leni Featuring Isaac Helgestad

Bringing good vibes and even better funk/R&B music is Brae Leni from Little Rock, Arkansas. Performing music to his fans since 2009, nothing seems to stop Brae Leni from perfecting his original musicianship and R&B style. From performing across America with various artists (Urban Music, Timothy Bloom, Bobby Valentino), Brae Leni has now decided to come out with a new single “The Drunk Song” featuring Isaac Helgstad. With all of this hard work under his belt, Brae Leni certainly isn’t afraid to show how he wants to present himself through his music.

Everything about “The Drunk Song” reflects originality. For starters, the instrumental in the background is nothing like I have heard in recent music. Electric guitars, a killer drum set, and a wicked bassline that is reminiscent of old 80s funk music. This sets it apart “The Drunk Song” from the regular over-produced hits listeners normally get from everyday music. Additionally, Brae Leni has an amazing voice to pair with background music. His vocals are smooth, yet the doubling effect we get from the production adds a trippy atmosphere to the song. And to complete the whole mood of the track; a feature from Isaac Helgstad wonderfully rounds out “The Drunk Song”. Listeners will reminisce of a soulful time, but have the presence of creative, and better production in “The Drunk Song”.

Listen to "The Drunk Song" here.

Hey Brae Leni! Welcome to BuzzMusic, we are more than happy to be representing you and your new single “The Drunk Song” (Ft. Isaac Helgstad).  This song has so much originality and passion contained in it, and I really feel like you have owned your own sound.  Have you gone through different stages of being an artist, or have you always had a particular sound that you are known for?

I've always had soul, I’ve always been creative. I have grown tremendously though. Vocally and execution wise I’m a whole galaxy away from what I used to be. I used to try to force my self to fit in a genre, now I just create and vibe. It’s better this way! I’m musically unrestricted!

In this song, I can hear a lot of old elements of soul songs being used and borrowed.  It is evident that you are inspired by some of the great musicians from the past, however, who are some artists in today’s R&B/Soul scene that you would love to have the chance to play music with?

I am doing a song with H.E.R. if it’s the last thing I do! She is phenomenal, I’d also like to jam with my guy BJ The Chicago kid. It’s a million others too, Alex Isley & Tuxedo would be fun to vibe with too.

Coming out with a lot of music fast must keep your fans really happy and inspired.  Do a lot of your fans reach out to your through social media for advice or support?

Yes. Fans are constantly reaching out with praise or opinions! I embrace that because they matter. It’s the reason we do it! I appreciate all my fans and supporters! I love to surprise them, and keep them on their toes!

You must be really comfortable with your sound and yourself to be performing since 2009; which is very impressive for any artist.  Do you have any plans to do performances in the upcoming year?  Or have more plans to release more projects/albums?

I have a couple of albums I’m scheduled to release this year! The Drift 2 & Sierra Nicole EP! I’m also dropping a single called “InfideLIEty” in March! This is all before May! Idk what the second half of the year holds. I’ll also be performing in Austin during SXSW!

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

You will see me rise to the occasion! The occasion is the top! I hope you enjoy the watch party, and if you want to dance don’t hesitate! Follow me on everything @Braeleni