Original, Raw Funk Music in “The Drunk Song” By Brae Leni Featuring Isaac Helgestad

Bringing good vibes and even better funk/R&B music is Brae Leni from Little Rock, Arkansas. Performing music to his fans since 2009, nothing seems to stop Brae Leni from perfecting his original musicianship and R&B style. From performing across America with various artists (Urban Music, Timothy Bloom, Bobby Valentino), Brae Leni has now decided to come out with a new single “The Drunk Song” featuring Isaac Helgstad. With all of this hard work under his belt, Brae Leni certainly isn’t afraid to show how he wants to present himself through his music.

Everything about “The Drunk Song” reflects originality. For starters, the instrumental in the background is nothing like I have heard in recent music. Electric guitars, a killer drum set, and a wicked bassline that is reminiscent of old 80s funk music. This sets it apart “The Drunk Song” from the regular over-produced hits listeners normally get from everyday music. Additionally, Brae Leni has an amazing voice to pair with background music. His vocals are smooth, yet the doubling effect we get from the production adds a trippy atmosphere to the song. And to complete the whole mood of the track; a feature from Isaac Helgstad wonderfully rounds out “The Drunk Song”. Listeners will reminisce of a soulful time, but have the presence of creative, and better production in “The Drunk Song”.

Listen to "The Drunk Song" here.