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Oscxr Graces Us With New Single “Hourglass”

Oscar Gimenez, also known by the artist alias of Oscxr is a Venezuelan music producer currently based in Miami, Florida. He was first introduced to music through guitar lessons and through time he became experienced with music and was introduced to Digital Audio Workstations, where he taught himself how to play the piano and bass. As of 2018, Oscxr began to collaborate with a variety of artists of diverse genres. He has acquired experience in producing Hip Hop, Downtempo, Bass House, Tropical House, EDM, Electronic, Dancehall, Moombahton, and Trap.

Oscxr released his single titled “Hourglass” and we were immensely impressed by his articulation, lyrical ability and his escalating flow. Oscxr presents us with witty lyricism and progressive bars we find extremely appealing. The beat reminds us of that trap sound we're familiar with and love the most. Noticeable in artist’s like “Belly” work, the beat anticipates the trendy hit we find ourselves grasped too. Oscxr has that suave spanish delivery in his music and I believe it sets him apart from most rappers that’s currently out at the moment.

“Hourglass” showcases a unique side to the artist he is and his capability to distribute punchlines with inevitable hooks that remains frequent and addicting in our memories. Bravo Oscxr!

Listen to "Hourglass" here and get to know Oscxr in our interview below!

Hi Oscxr, care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Hello! I'm an independent Music Producer and Sound Engineer originally from Venezuela. I moved to the United States a couple years ago, and I've been expanding my musical knowledge ever since. I'm a pretty chill guy, and I appreciate every single person that spends their time listening to my music. As of now, I play percussion, guitar, bass guitar, and piano. You should totally follow me on Instagram, @oscxrgimenez, and talk to me! I love talking to people, and moreover, I enjoy explaining my songs and the meaning behind them.

When did you first begin producing music?

I really began producing way back in 2013. Back then I really had no direction and did it for fun. I only played guitar, and I didn't really know where to start in production. After a couple of years, around 2016, I had already acquired experience with bass guitar and percussion, which influenced greatly on how I produced afterward. Then, I learned piano by myself and that's when the production really kicked off. In fact, if you go to my SoundCloud,, you can see how my production got better with time.

What are some challenges you may face during the production of a song?

Honestly, even though I can work alone, I prefer working with other people. I am a strong believer of teamwork and sharing the experience of music with other people. Many times I never consolidate my projects and only a small fraction of the things I've done have been released. It's funny because many producers can relate, that whenever they're working on something they usually get sidetracked, get a new idea, and move onto that idea without ever finishing the project they were working on! The other thing I do a lot is mixing and mastering for other people. I work with Txxmyboy on most of his songs, Canadian rapper Sakif, and from time to time I also work with Canadian-based producer Aman (you can search him on Spotify under the name Aman & Yenny).

Can you tell us about the creation process of "Hourglass"? How was collaborating with Txxmyboy and Jin?

So, for Hourglass we had this beat. I absolutely enjoyed it and I immediately sent it to Tommy, known as Txxmyboy, for him to rap on it. I've been working with Tommy from day 1. He possesses a raw talent I have never seen before. His first single (and coincidentally also my first single "Coupable") was written on the spot, and he just recorded one take and then sent it my way. For this track, he introduced me to Jin, a friend of his. He has an amazing voice, and I am so happy to have worked with him. He also has a great songwriting power, and he is a producer himself. You should definitely stick around because I'm releasing more songs with him in 2019. Hourglass talks about a relationship that ended terribly. Tommy starts rapping at first, and then Jin is introduced. After his verse, Tommy comes back rapping in Cantonese (he speaks English, Spanish, French, and Cantonese) and then switches back to English. It's very experimental, but extremely creative and requires skill nonetheless.

What can we expect to see from you in 2019?

Well, I do absolutely everything. I produce electronic music, hip hop, trap music, chill-out music, downtempo... You name it. I don't really stick with one genre, I love making everything and anything. What really defines what I put out is the emotion that I'm trying to transmit on the song. Soon enough, I will be releasing a song, in Spanish, that talks about nostalgic moments, with a sad, slow mood. The song itself starts slow, but then I decide to pick up the pace and make a happier chorus, as to indicate that even though we might get nostalgic and sad, we should overcome it and look at past experiences with our chins up and grow from them. We only get one life! Make the most out of it. 2019 is the year for independent artists, and I'll be sure to stick around!


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