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Oshanna Brings That “Energy”

"Oshanna" has captivated R&B and soul music lovers with her enchanting sound. Since her debut single, "Antidote," in 2017, Oshanna has been fine-tuning her craft under the guidance of industry gurus like Elaine Overholt and Shi Wisdom. She has woven her unique artistic tapestry, drawing inspiration from early 2000s legends like Alicia Keys, Kiesha Cole, and Michael Jackson.

Oshanna's journey has taken her across the United States, as she showcased her talents in the 2022 "Coast To Coast" contest. Her riveting performances earned her a spot in the finals in Miami, Florida, solidifying her presence in the R&B and soul music arena.

Oshanna's latest offering, "Energy," is a velvety R&B masterpiece that explores the give and take in love and life. Inspired by a transformative friendship, the track encapsulates patience, forgiveness, and personal growth themes. Her soulful voice narrates this beautiful story, prompting listeners to reflect on their own relationships and the value of investing in what truly counts.

"Energy" is characterized by its timeless and smooth melody, effortlessly blending Oshanna's mysteriously smokey vocals with a rich musical landscape. The song's beat exudes warmth and intimacy, inviting the listener to sink into the groove and embrace the heartfelt message. The intricate layers within "Energy" give it depth and texture, demonstrating Oshanna's growth as an artist and her unwavering passion for her craft.

As Oshanna's star continues to rise, her undeniable talent and unique sound are set to leave a lasting impact on the R&B and soul music world. With a timeless quality that transcends generations, "Energy" is a testament to her artistic prowess. one to watch out for as she is a glowing artist who continues to mesmerize us with her musical enchantments. Be prepared to be swept away by the smooth, timeless allure of "Energy."

Melt with this one today, available on all platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Oshanna, and congratulations on your latest release, “Energy.” Could you tell us any unconventional inspirations or experiences contributing to the song's unique vibe?

I always had an issue making and keeping female friends when I was younger. Part of the reason was that I moved around a lot, but a few friendships didn’t last because of ego and pride. I had a friend I called my “best friend” in elementary school, and as we got older, I learned that that individual wasn’t exactly a friend. As I got older, I carried that experience into almost all of my female friendships and found it hard to get close to another that way again. “Energy" was inspired by one of my closest friendships. This friendship came out of nowhere and allowed me to put my guard down slowly but surely. “Energy” Is about being so in tune with someone that it doesn’t take much for us to read one another’s vibe. This friendship aided my growth and allowed me to see myself and others more clearly. It also taught me the real meaning of unconditional love. The friendship that inspired this song transcended our egos, which allowed me to be more vulnerable in writing about this experience. We were able to be ourselves in our rawest form, which made me realize that I didn’t want any friendships beneath that calibre we had created.

"Energy" showcases your ability to convey deep emotions through your music. Can you share a moment during the songwriting or recording where you felt a profound connection to the song's message?

During the “Energy” writing process, I tapped into a vulnerable place as I was thinking about everything I had been through with that person up until that point. I thought about how much we’ve grown and had come so far from where we started. When I sat and wrote the song, I was going through our conversations about our past, her past, her upbringing, and how she sees herself, which gave me the push to write about “Energy.” Our dynamic had giving me the context I needed. This song is a song I cry to as it has allowed me to feel that deeply.

R&B has a rich history of storytelling and emotional expression. How did you infuse "Energy" with your own distinct artistic flair while still staying true to the essence of the genre?

As an rnb artist, I understand that to honour the genre; I must be willing to get venerable with my audience. I am a storyteller at heart; anyone who understands me and my writing process knows I’m an artist who enjoys writing from “my” point of view. Even as a listener, I like to listen to music with colour and substance, and I enjoy being a good storyteller; I love listening to music I can learn a thing or two from as it broadens my perspective of the world and gives me a chance to connect with the listener. I always try to tell a story through my music and stay true to myself, which grants me the ability to express myself in whatever way or style suits me. I don’t ever try to “fix” myself to sound one way, I think that creates a box, and I don’t enjoy being boxed in, so when I sing or write music, I “do,” and whatever I sound like then becomes my “style” or “artistic flair.”

The vocals in "Energy" are powerful and intimate, engaging the listener deeper. Can you discuss any experimental vocal techniques or approaches you employed to create this effect in the song?

I wanted “Energy” to sound slightly different from the rest. When I recorded the first layer and connected with the song more and more as I sang it, I started hearing different layers of sounds, so I played around with different octaves and vocals, creating layers with different tones to get a more full and colourful sound. Energy took a lot of “experimenting” before it became the work of art it is now. When I record, I like to involve my engineer and allow my engineer their creative freedom. It took me 2 years to finally be content with the ideas my engineer and I came up with. After trial and error, I got closer to “Oshanna’s Sound" and now make it my duty to test different sounds, styles, and techniques in my recordings.

As your career in the R&B and soul music scene continues to grow, how do you imagine the impact of "Energy" on your artistic journey, and what unique milestones or achievements do you hope to accomplish in the future?

I envision “Energy” being the tune that helps jumpstart my career on a larger scale. I imagine that “Energy” will change the trajectory of my artistic journey in a positive way as it will create more opportunities for me to evolve as an artist and help me grow my fanbase. It will allow others to connect with me and understand what I have gone through. I also believe that this release will allow me to hone in on my artistic side more than my prior releases have because of all the time and effort this song took me to create, and finally, Love to be able to want to release it. I know this song will leave a positive impact on myself and anyone that hears it merely because of the fact that I connect with it so well.


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