OTB Lucciii Is All Truth In, “When I See U”

New Orleans rapper OTB Lucciii has always had a passion for music. But, being in his blood, football led him to pick up a pen and paper to write his lyrics down on.

Rapping and telling stories about his life, the trials and tribulations he’s faced with street life and violence prompt the tales he shares with the world. Playing into his versatility through each sonic approach he takes, this is something that makes OTB Lucciii stand out.

His most recent release, “When I See U,” has us submerged in the depths of OTB Lucciii’s experiences. Hearing the passion in his voice as he professes lyrical motifs that paint vivid imagery in our minds, it’s hard to take your attention off him when he begins to rap. Paired with instrumentation that drives the emotion deeper into your core, OTB Lucciii glides through the beat gracefully. Each percussion pattern pulls us into this masterpiece as a whole. Accompanied by enticing hi-hats and a mesmerizing vocal sample that sets the riveting atmosphere, this sonic realm that’s tapped into represents Hip-hop. The amount of thought and truth that goes into a track of this caliber is remarkable.

We admire the vulnerability he showcases while doing so and how he further displays his lyrical dexterity. Coming in at under three minutes, there are a plethora of facts thrown at you in such a short period. However, these facts encourage you to feel the finer sentiments as you unravel the life of OTB Lucciii. Packing a punch, this is a record you listen to multiple times to reignite the feeling you got when first listening to it.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, OTB Luccii, and congratulations on the release of "When I See U." What story or moment prompted the creation of such a personal song?

I created when I see you based on heartbreaks and pain that I have been through in certain relationships; it's a message to give out to the females and the ones who went through a breakup in any kind of way that left them hurt or damaged with being in love.

Being a versatile artist, what other types of sounds do you have? Do you ever restrict yourself to certain genres or styles?

I can do a little bit of r&b depending on the production quality at the studio. When I say that, I mean like autotune. I'm more versatile in rap and hip hop, which means I could do the drill, pain, soul, and club bangers.

Could you please share a glimpse into the creative process when bringing this song to life?

It's gone open up the ears and bring more light to the females. The first point of view is to get the ladies to like your music; once you accomplish that, you go viral after.

What advice do you have for your audience going through a similar hurt as you?

Never give up your dreams. Getting hurt in any type of way in life only makes you stronger and is a lesson learned for anything in life.

What's next for you?

My new single is called "TWIN" it's a club banger. I'm looking forward to making this my biggest project and going viral with it.