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Our Violet Room and Estella Dawn Open Their Hearts and "Secrets" in Latest Collaborative Song

Prepare your heartstrings for a phenomenal collaboration between Our Violet Room and Estella Dawn.

The two artists pair up to give listeners a true, romantic performance that's rooted in nothing but love. Their project, titled "Secrets," can impart an array of emotions into the air, as the two successfully embody the very narrative the song possesses.

"Secrets" opens with incredibly soothing acoustics that may very well whisk you away on a blissful, imaginative cloud. With the eventual integration of other impactful wind and string instruments, the rhythm can offer a more elaborate and varied style. "Secrets" is all-powering with its main narrative honing into love.

"The song at its core is about being with someone you love, and knowing secrets that only you two share" the artists share.

Our Violet Room and Estella Dawn can combine their vocal harmonies to create a genuine, emotionally stirring performance. The impassioned tones and vibrant affections have the power to generate such attraction, in a way that brings real peace to listeners. All in all, "Secrets" was truly a listening experience to endure from Our Violet Room and Estella Dawn.

Welcome Our Violet Room, and congratulations on releasing "Secrets," your romance-filled, pop-inspired love song. Where did the inspiration for the song arise from?

Thanks for having me! "Secrets" is the first song, track-wise, off my upcoming debut album "Not Where I Thought I'd Be." This album is about the start of my relationship through my marriage and, ultimately, our divorce. Secrets is a taste of how the beginning of our relationship started. Full of hopes, dreams, and only "secrets" that we know. "Secrets" is both the promising start to our relationship and an excellent start to the album.

How did the collaboration go for the duration of working on "Secrets" together? Do you two see each other working on another song together?

One day on lunch break from the studio, my producer and I went out to eat. Estella was working at the restaurant that we ate at, and somehow we got to talking and found out that we both at the time, three years ago, were going full speed ahead into trying to make our music dreams come true. From that day forward, we have had a great friendship, we have been each other's biggest fans, and we have collaborated now on "Secrets." Since that meeting in the restaurant, I have toured the world, signed a licensing deal, and had my songs featured on TV, and she has amassed over 200,000 followers and has released countless songs which she produced and wrote, and arranged. It has been so fun to see and share the little success that we have had, so it was only natural to finally collaborate. And three years later, we are still going hard after our dreams.

With the chosen narrative in "Secrets," what kind of emotions and thoughts were you hoping were left in the minds of your listeners?

Each relationship that my listeners have is entirely different from mine, so I don't necessarily want to share exactly what I meant if that makes sense, BUT, I will say, this song is about the things only you and your partner know.

Are there any aspects to "Secrets" that you feel allow the song to be more unique than the current music we hear today?

I do. I think the strings and horns sections, the uplifting words and hopefulness of the song, and Estella and my voices mix for a sweet yet, atmospheric listening experience. I also wrote "Secrets" in three "stanzas' or "acts." Part one is the sweet strings and horn instrumental, almost film score type vibe, part two is the duet and lyrics, and part three is the "party" or the climax.

What's next for you?

My single "Secrets" just dropped... and I'll be a musical guest on Today in Nashville on December 20th. I begin an east coast tour with the Last Bison this October. Most important - my debut album will be out this November, date TBD.

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