Out Now, Frye’s Latest Singles Of 2019, “Reasons” And “Make It Hurt”

Originally from Dallas, Texas, Frye moved to LA right after high school when she was 18. The last couple of years Frye’s been working on releasing singles and finding her authentic sound. Working in the TV/Film industry since she was 17 years old, Frye comes equipped with an eye and ear for detail and the arts. With two successful singles out in 2019 so far, Frye’s third single “Me & You” will be out August 8th! Stay tuned! “Reasons” was Frye’s first single of 2019 and ended up on 14 Spotify playlists with over 370,000 to date. The track focuses on the losing feelings for someone and falling out of love with them. “Reasons” is a soft blend or alternative pop with addicting backbeats and powerful, yet angelic, vocals. Frye’s melancholy and echoing vocals are hypnotizing and alluring. Her tone, range, and powerful register have old school undertones fused with a more modern and fresh vibe. Layered with somber emotions “Reason” is a pleading anthem for the broken hearted that are searching for healing. It’s a touching tribute for anyone going through something similar. 

Frye’s latest track “Make It Hurt” came out early July 2019 and we’re in love. As if telling a story, it follows up to “Reasons” perfectly. “Reasons” was about falling out of love and “Make It Hurt” is all about the conflicting feelings after a toxic relationship. “Drowning in your love, if this don’t kill me Make It Hurt” is the addicting hook line that gave me goosebumps. Frye flawlessly describes the heart wrenching feelings of loving someone who consistently hurts you. We love Frye’s relatable music and contemporary sound arrangements she fuses her emotive lyrics to. Stay on the lookout for Frye and her future musical endeavors! Her new track “Me & You” is out now! 

Be sure to check out “Reasons” and “Make It Hurt” here!

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