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Out of the Woods Warn Us That There’s “Something in the Way”

The Los Angeles-based aggressive rock band and trio Out of the Woods explode our speakers with a blazing new cover entitled "Something In The Way."

Although they're relatively new to the music scene, Out of the Woods delivers a confidence and stage presence like no other. The band is comprised of former Virgin Records recording artist/drummer Tomas Slemenson, avid collaborator Condrado Pesinado (Zayn Malik and Graham Bonnet), and haunting vocalist Zach Jones.

We didn't know we needed Out of the Woods' recent single, "Something In The Way;" the track has been reinvented which offers all the angst and power we've been looking for in a new rock band. The boys also dropped an intense and striking music video that helps us better understand what their attention-commanding performances are all about.

Regarding the single itself, "Something In The Way," the track mysteriously opens with Pesinado's distant rhythm guitar melodies and Slemenson's tapping hi-hats. As Jones makes his raspy and haunting vocal appearance, he sings a rather melancholy and intense message that hits us like a wall of emotion. As we make our way over to the flaming hook, Out of the Woods jump in with the utmost vigor and strength, unleashing the beast that is their aggressive and passionate instrumentation.

We adore the dynamic feel of this song as Jones goes back into his emotional verse while Pesinado's twinkling electric guitar rains down from above alongside Slemenson's powerful and punchy drums. Making our way around the fiery hook one last time, Out of the Woods douse us in their gripping instrumentals and charismatic performance while ending the track on a memorable note.

Catch Out of the Woods' latest single, "Something In The Way," on all digital streaming platforms, and watch the song's accompanying music video on YouTube.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Out of the Woods. What a striking and intense single you've released with "Something In The Way." What experience or concept inspired you to choose this track as a single?

Zach: We love the song! I have loved this song since I was young and always wanted to do a cover of it. Since the original version is pretty much an acoustic song I thought it would be a great idea to do a heavier version of it.

TOMAS: We choose the track as a single for many reasons, first we were really happy with the recording. We love the production that we created. We love how dark it is but, at the same time catchy. We love the electronic elements.

CONRADO: It felt like a great track to follow our previous single” Strangers”.

What did you want to make the listener feel when experiencing the haunting lyricism in "Something In The Way"? What message did you want to get across?

Zach: Well, we didn't personally write the lyrics, but I love them so much. They give a great visual but still leave you curious as well.

TOMAS: I always loved how raw and sarcastic the lyrics are, also, I personally loved the animal references.

Could you take us through what your band's creative process looked like when producing "Something In The Way"? How did you begin creating the track and building it up?

TOMAS: We knew we wanted to keep the grunge, dark vibe from the original song, but with an Out Of The Woods twist, so, we started by tracking drums, guitar, and vocals, after that, I added all the electronic elements to it, drum samples, vocal samples, and synths. The cherry on top, and one of my favorite parts, was Conrado’s lead guitar. Also, our friend Andrew Alexander played a big role by mixing the track.

Did you have any videographers or directors help you on the set of your music video for "Something In The Way"? How did they help bring your vision to life?

CONRADO: Yes, our great pal Vicente Cordero directed the video as well as all our other music videos. Making videos with him is always really fun. As far as the video concept we really just wanted performance footage that was dark and captured the vibes of the song. I think we got exactly that. We couldn't be happier with it.

What can listeners anticipate next from you?

TOMAS: We’ll keep pushing our sound to be fresh and modern. We inspire to be a band that not only rock fans like, and, to do that we’ll always react to what is happening in the industry, but, at the same time, we want to make sure we stay true to who we are and our musical background.CONRADO: We have some new material ready to release soon. If you like what you heard so far, stay tuned, follow us on Instagram, YouTube, and Spotify.


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