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OUTTATUNE Entices Audiences with, "The Lone Stranger''

Hailing just west of Chicago, OUTTATUNE shows depth and dynamics as he sends ripples of optimism and intrigue into the hearts of listeners everywhere with his new single "The Lone Stranger."

A solo project by Matt Harlovic, OUTTATUNE uses organic flow and lyrics inspired by personal experiences to send a vivid message of how perseverance can come to fruition throughout life's journeys.

Since beginning his musical journey in 2014, OUTTATUNE has geared his focus towards delivering meaningful, prevalent tracks that tell a story through passionate writing, while delivering a therapeutic rap/hip-hop sound.

Delicate acoustic strumming opens the song that eases listeners into a phenomenal sound that flows elegantly towards the opening verse. The creative lyricism outlines vulnerability and versatility as a unique and astounding combination. The descriptive nature of the words paints a tranquil picture of life through the years for OUTTATUNE, which opens the door for listeners to seamlessly resonate with the music as it offers an incredible and invigorating perspective.

While we can appreciate every aspect of this song, perspective is one thing that audiences undoubtedly connect with through self-reflection and empathy, which is why "The Lone Stranger" hits home with immense pleasure. Find more of OUTTATUNE's incredible music across social media platforms as we look ahead to the next chapter of talented sound to be released down the road.

Congratulations on the release of "The Lone Stranger." Is there any specific inspiration you drew from for the creation of this track?

The inspiration for the beat struck me when I was visiting my brother in Colorado. After a long day hiking in the mountains, I was tired but couldn’t sleep so I turned on the television. I watched a John Wayne movie and all of a sudden I had the beat in mind and created it. The lyrics, of course, came from introspection. While out in Colorado, I realized at the age of 24, I can’t be stuck in the past and consumed with the thoughts of why certain relationships turned sour. The only person holding me back from moving forward was myself. I think the lyrics tell the story.

How has living in Chicago influenced your music through the years?

I spent my college years at Roosevelt University in Chicago, Illinois. The city was my campus and I was immersed in the beauty and culture Chicago offers. I performed at open mics, hosted a popular student radio show called RU Positive, and found a feverous passion to pursue a career in hip hop.

What is the meaning behind "The Lone Stranger"? What does this song mean to you personally?

“The Lone Stranger” is about the journey from love lost to the point of acceptance and forgiveness. It is the exact path I traveled on for the last few years.

Can we expect any collaborations in your music to be released in the near future?

Yes! Last year was an isolating time for many, I’ve been able to connect with some really cool artists and musicians. To a certain extent, “The Lone Stranger” was a collaboration between myself and longtime friend Jimmy Sandoval ( It is Jimmy’s artwork that I commissioned for this song.

If there is one message that you'd like listeners to take from this song, what would it be and why? “Life is short. Time is fleeting. Love is always worth reaching.” The ultimate takeaway is the importance of love in our lives. Letting go of someone you love is truly one of the most difficult things in the world but a necessary part of moving forward.



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