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Overflow Releases The Perfect Vacation Hit “Brasil”

Living in the East Coast has caused Overflow to attain an eclectic style, developed from his past life experiences. Being an open-minded artist, he takes elements from music all around the world to create a unique sonic landscape that will strike your soul. Not only is Overflow an artist, but he’s a multi-talented individual who's skilled in guitar, poetry, producing, and of course, rapping.

Overflow is adding a new element to the genre of hip-hop with his new single titled “Brasil”. Brasil had multiple transitions in the beat that transcends into various different vibes including one of pop, one of rap, and even one of dancehall. The multitude of genres fused in one single is what makes “Brasil” so detailed and separates it from other songs in the industry. Overflow kills it with his delivery. A clean-slated flow without an error of struggle. He sounds like Drake to me. A highly skilled rapper who can practically spit on any type of beat. Overflow has a unique presence to his artistry to generate a fan base and attract a crowd into his music. “Brasil” was a nicely executed song that enigmatically captures the listener’s full attention. The paradise-like aura it gives off is perfect for this upcoming summer season. “Brasil” depicts images of laid-back vacationing while remaining a hip, and hype party song in many different areas of the record.

Listen to "Brasil" here and get to know more about Overflow in our interview below!

Thank you for sharing your music with us Overflow! Where exactly in the East Coast are you located? In what ways have you been impacted by your environment?

Right now, I live in Atlanta but I’ve lived in the burbs of Philly and in upstate New York, Ithaca! Before living on the East Coast, I was kicking it back in Chicago, my old stomping grounds.  I’d say that I’m a city kid by heart and by living in and around the city, you definitely pick up things from the locals. Just simple exchanges of words can have a huge impact on us and how we view the world. There have been many times where I’ve set off from my abode with no objective in mind and find myself in situations that become the fuel of my music. My music has to be a genuine expression of myself or be of my own experiences. I seek to keep the truth in my raps and that’s something that has taught me the most. Although there are people of many different cultures and upbrings, there is no point in trying to chase after what they are. Just be you :). But yes, growing up in these different places allowed me to gain a global perspective of the world because most of my friends weren’t from the states. So they imparted their knowledge of their culture to me. When I’m creating music, it’s much more than a personal pursuit. I’m incorporating the lives that have brought me to this very moment. Finishing song after song, I immortalize my memories with those people that have brought me joy and love of life.

We loved your song “Brasil”! What was the major theme behind it?

Have fun and enjoy the sun! That’s it haha. With some of my other music, I talk about serious topics like taking a hold of your own destiny and Toxic masculinity (both of these tracks will be released soon!)  but sometimes, we need to relax! Albeit important, no one wants to be listening to conscious rap 24/7. We as humans need diversity in every aspect that we partake in; you don’t see people eating the same food every day. So this track came from the perspective of “ Hey, summer is coming up and I want to listen to something that will make me feel like I’m on the beach”.  The way I captured this feeling was by using Brazilian music, hence the title “Brasil”. Latin music has this undeniable trait of making you want to move your body.

Were there any specific life experiences that inspired you to write “Brasil”?

Not exactly. The song stemmed from an emotion that I wanted to convey, the feeling that you get when you feel the freedom of summer. My track Brasil is supposed to give you that energy that tells you that the world is yours and you can do whatever the hell you want.

How would you describe your sound Overflow?

I love everything that sounds good, regardless of what genre it’s from. So when it comes to producing my beats, I do not put any barriers on what it has to sound like. Music is meant to be fused together. That’s one of the reasons why I call myself Overflow. I combine all of the genres that inspired me to make music,( Electronic, Hip Hop, RnB, and Jazz), and create something that is unheard of. So it’s an overflow of influences that bring me to make my music.  After the beat is done, then I let my soul pour into the mic and I rock that shit. I have an infinite amount of flows that have yet to be revealed. I’m a shapeshifter that can create his own beasts.  

What’s next for you?

Play more shows, see the world more, hang out with the fans. That’s all I really want. I have an album's worth of material lined up that I plan on blessing the population within the near future, so stay tuned for that!


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