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OWL ROSE Unleashes the Beast in "PTERODACTYLS"

Picking up the guitar at age 9, OWL ROSE grew up immersed in the world of alternative music. From being introduced to Ozzy Osbourne and MÖTORHEAD by his father to discovering the wonders of emo culture, music permeated every facet of his life.

After several years performing with bands in and around Norwich, United Kingdom, OWL ROSE decided to go solo in order to have more creative control over his songwriting. At age 18, he settled on using the moniker OWL ROSE, a coalescence of his first and middle names, Oliver William Louis, and his surname, in order to stand out from the masses of artists using their real names on releases.

Through the thorough sweep of manifestation at its finest, the latest ‘PTERODACTYLS,’ EP from OWL ROSE fuses together brutally honest lyrics exploring the climate crisis, cultural apathy, and mental health issues with hard-hitting riffs.

Paying homage to the amplified greats before him, his inimitable vocalization and songwriting techniques differentiate the artist in the UK Alternative scene. Placing prominence on the second track to be featured on this collection, the title track and lead single, “PTERODACTYLS,” has listeners submerged in a raucous environment of dark charisma.

The trouncing percussion rings bells as the scorching guitar shreds explore the anticipating tenors that set sail on an unruly flight of heavy-hitting energy. Demonstrating ambition as we reach the slick timbres that below from OWL ROSE, we are accompanied by a various scheme that explores reverberated echoes as well as ferocious growls from within his very being.

The manner in which he delivers the components as they collide with the battering technicalities sets a riveting tone of equivocal amalgamation. Ranging in the burrows of grunge-filled Metal meets Alternative Rock bouts, we become accustomed to the menacing offerings served up by OWL ROSE. If this is what we can expect to fuel our essence in the collection of songs on the ‘PTERODACTYLS,’ EP then sign us up on the rigid line.

Check out OWL ROSE's latest collection of songs on 'PTERODACTYLS' here.

Congratulations on the release of your most recent EP, ‘PTERODACTYLS.’ What inspired “PTERODACTYLS,” to take the spot as the lead single and title track?

Thanks for having me! The track PTERODACTYLS is one of the bleaker songs on the release and is an exploration of Western powers' apathy towards the climate crisis and the destruction of our ecosystems. I think what made this song stand out on the EP as the first single was how focused the track is in its lyricism; that, and the breakdown!

Could you please share a glimpse of what the creative process looked like when creating and recording this project?

The creative process for this EP was a bit weird. It's taken some of the songs months (and even years in a couple of cases) to develop into the state they're in today, and others were written, recorded, and produced in the span of a week. Lyrically, it was really important to me that every song wasn't just me moaning about the state of the world generally, but that each song could tackle a different topic. It was also quite important to me that the lyrics could be reinterpreted by the listener, so I tried to keep the wordings abstract.

Do you happen to have a favorite track on the EP that resonates with you more than others? Why?

For me, SOLO is an important song. I released it on my debut EP a few months ago, but I feel this reproduction of the piece does its magnitudes more justice. I wrote it at what was possibly one of the lowest points of my life, in terms of my mental health; it was a really useful outlet to vent my feelings, and I hope others can identify with the lyrics.

What is the proudest moment in your artistic career this far? What's the reasoning for that?

I would definitely say this EP is my proudest moment so far. I tracked and programmed each song, and also mixed and mastered them. It's taken so long it's now my little baby!

What can we expect to see next from you?

Going forward, I just want shows to go ahead again. I'm finally in a position where I can really let my music speak for itself live, and I just can't wait to get out there and cause some havoc in a sweaty little venue in the middle of the UK. In the meantime, I'm always working on new music and covers to help fill my time.


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