OXH Delivers Brightly Luminated Verses in, "Full Moon"

Songwriter, music producer, and audio engineer; just a few of the titles that the multifaceted OXH proudly wears. Being self-produced allows OXH to have control over every aspect, from music production and sound design to the recording process.

Allowing our focus to transition to his latest single, “Full Moon,” the dark vibrancy radiated in this track has us engulfed in what OXH does best as an artist; attacking a beat with his witty bars. Recruiting the endowments of his label mate Shaun Wolf, we know that we’re in for a treat as we fully take in the artistic value of this record.

Dichotomizing the thesis that lies within the mesmerizing soundscape of “Full Moon,” we hear OXH paying homage to those who have paved the way. He pipes up as he declares recognition for fallen artists and some who are still around today.

The complexity that runs through his lyrical dexterity is tough to hold a flame to. We are exposed to numerous sides of the artist and individual before we even reach the captivating hook. Shaun Wolf spreads his finesse over the chorus as he drives the energy up a notch preparing us for the wit that spews from the lyrical routes explored by OXH.

“Full Moon,” casts hues of ominous tones that allow you to sink deep into your seat as the energy emitted fuels your spirit. A master at his game, OXH is undoubtedly taking over the realm of Hip-hop as he continues to slay in a word massacre that is perfectly represented in, “Full Moon.”

Congratulations on the release of your latest single featuring Shaun Wolf titled, “Full Moon.” We know that you have often worked with Shaun Wolf in the production of many of his records, but what was it like to work with him on a track of your own?

It felt like I was writing my hair. Whenever I and Shaun Wolf collaborate, he’s got this way of piecing together melodies and different types of energy that I knew I wanted for this track. When the hook comes then when all of the production comes to its peak you hear and feel the energy that we were going for.

Could you please share a glimpse of what the creative process looked like when you brought “Full Moon,” to life? How did this process compare to other songs that you have released?

Originally, I was making the beat with thoughts of sending it out in a pack to one of my favorite artist's king los. But during the process of creating the beat, I started to come up with ideas and melodies that I just could not pass on. Being a producer allows me to see a track for what it is before the completion of it. This song’s different for me because I’ve been producing “hits” for other artists and knew it was my time to create for myself.

As the creator, what is the meaning behind this wordplay riddled track?

I’m super inspired by, bar-heavy rappers and artists with substance, but love the energy and twist that the new era of hip-hop brings. This is me colliding both worlds, not only paying homage to rappers who have paved the way for an artist like myself but incorporating styles in which I love.

Do you happen to have a favorite part of the creative process that you encounter as you take full reign of your musical creations?

For me my favorite part of the creative process is being in the flow state where I am not thinking nor trying to copy any sound, I simply get in a meditative state that I channel these creations through. A lot of the time when I’m in the studio working I feed off of the energy and vibe that is around me.