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P Bailey Wants To Be “More Than Just Friends”

P Bailey, an artist whose voice resonates with a soulful depth akin to Ron Isley, is a force to be reckoned with in music.

This UK native, with a five-octave range that can bring tears to your eyes, discovered his musical inclination in grade school. His music teacher and Principal, Miss Johnston, recognized his talent early on, sparking a journey that would lead him to influence countless audiences. P Bailey's roots in Motown and Muscle Shoals, alongside the impact of industry titans like Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson, have shaped his unique Singer/Songwriter/Performer persona.

With no formal training, P Bailey honed his craft by immersing himself in the music of his favourite artists. His performances at community talent shows soon caught the eye of the stone city band members during a chance encounter in Montreal. This encounter led to his song 'Part Time Lover' being sampled by Rick James for the Colors movie soundtrack. P Bailey continued his musical ascent, charting on the UK house Dance charts and winning the Professional Publishers & Songwriters award from Factor. His music reached far and wide, from securing distribution deals with Universal/Ingrooves and Kanjian Music China to licensing his songs for US TV and UK shows.

P Bailey's latest offering, "More Than Just Friends," is a testament to his musical evolution. The song's industrial, trippy beat creates an auditory landscape that feels like a rhythmic stomp. His vocals, echoing across this beat, encapsulate the listener in a sonic tale of desire and connection.

"More Than Just Friends" delves into the narrative of a man yearning for more than a platonic relationship. P Bailey's lyrical prowess shines through as he navigates the complexities of transitioning from friends to lovers. His vocals, echoing across the stomping beat, create a unique auditory experience that leaves the listener pondering their own relationships.

With "More Than Just Friends," P Bailey continues to push boundaries and define his sound. The song is a unique exploration of friendship, desire, and the blurry line in between. As P Bailey ventures further into his musical journey, he's not just an artist to watch - he's an artist to remember. His soul is etched in every note, every beat, and every word. And as he continues to license his music for various platforms, one thing is certain - P Bailey is a man on a mission, and his soul is impossible to forget.

Vibe with this one today available on all platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic P Bailey! Cheers to your latest release, "More Than Just Friends," which explores the complex emotions of transitioning from friendship to something deeper. Can you share any personal experiences or inspirations that influenced the narrative of this song?

Lol...Being friend-zoned more than a few times made me pen this tune I have been carrying for a few yrs. Something you go through as an adolescent and, confronting your feelings then finding out the person who you have this tension for has the same tensions but hiding their feelings. It was time to finish this joint and get it out there.

Your vocals in "More Than Just Friends" echo beautifully across the industrial vibe of the beat. Can you discuss your approach to this unique vocal arrangement and how it enhances the song's narrative?

Thank you so much! I usually just let the song dictate how I will sing it. As I start with the chorus and build everything around it, the arrangements start coming to me as I hear it. As the song develops, so do the vocal arrangements. The rhythm is talking to me, telling me what she needs to help bring the song to life.

The beat in "More Than Just Friends" has a distinct heavy rhythm. What led you to choose this specific sound for the song, and how do you feel it complements the lyrics?

For this song, I was going for something heavy electronic dance meets Hip Hop subgenres Jazzy Hip Hop, Breakbeat. I wanted a funky bass line to compliment the vibe; I was going for a summer club banger that would make a statement and help drive the lyrics home.

"More Than Just Friends" delves into the theme of romantic desire. How do you hope listeners will connect with this theme, and what do you want them to take away from the song?

I hope the listeners, especially those who have been friend zoned, understand those feelings and can connect with them. Request it from their DJs at parties/clubs. Put it on their playlist,

share it with friends, and make it viral. The summer vibe begins now, so let this be the summer theme song!

With your extensive musical journey and the recent release of "More Than Just Friends," what are your aspirations for the future, both in musical style and your career?

That's a big question. Continue to release music 3 to 4 times a year with my new Ingrooves deal. Get on major playlists, sync licensing placements, grants, and more conferences

multiple income streams are the game's name, and some good collaborations.


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