P-Butta Is All About That “Passion”

Residing in Orlando, Florida, P-Butta is an up and coming hip-hop artist from Illinois. P-Butta first experimented with music when he was 12 years old, only further establishing his craft since then. "P-Butta" is originally from Chicago Heights, IL but was raised in Bloomington/Normal, IL and he has since been recording and performing to perfect his craft along with his team. Butta's style is one of a kind and cannot be mimicked. He prides himself on his originality, quality of music delivered and focusing on concept based music. There seems to be no limit to how far he can go.

“Passion” is the latest hip-hop project from P-Butta and we can’t get enough! The track focuses mainly on the ambitions and passion that we all need to succeed. It’s a smooth hip-hop/ R&B track with elements of old school flow layered with a fresh contemporary sound. A proud and honest anthem, “Passion” weaves through P-Butta’s effortless bars, flawless delivery, and pummeling lyricism. The addicting and catchy backbeat and contagious melody keeps up hooked from beginning to end. P-Butta strives to create music that solidifies his ever growing foundation of connection to his fans. This kind of dedication truly requires “Passion” so I highly recommend you add this track to your playlist and sing along to the alluring hook. Keep up with P-Butta to see what he delivers next.

Check out “Passion” here and read more below in our exclusive interview.

Hey P-Butta! Can you start by telling our readers more about yourself and how you got started in music?

I was born Lionell Mahan but my pseudonym is P-Butta. I’m from Illinois but currently reside in Florida. I feel in love with music around age 8. My mom would always listen to the newest music and my dad would also listen to classics and old school music. I eventually turned into a fan after listening so much. That later motivated me to create my own music. Once I started practicing more and honing in on my craft, I knew this is what I wanted to do with my life.

Who are you musical influences and how do they inspire you?

I’m easily influenced by many genres of music but I am mainly a fan of hip hop. Some of my influences include Jay Z, Kanye West, DMX, Ludacris, Lupe Fiasco, J.Cole, Big Krit, Nipsey Hussle, Eminem and many others. 

What’s your track “Passion” about? What was your writing process like for this song?

This song is an original produced by Lexi banks and written by P-Butta. The song is called “Passion” because it embodies ones perception on what passion is. I give off my perception in a fly smooth way expressing that its not about the status quo but more so about what you have a passion for. The song is slow, smooth, with a taste of instrumentation, and has an overall laid back vibe.

What do you hope your listeners take away from your music?

That's a great question. Well, when I first heard the instrumental it instantly spoke to me and I listened. I would listen to it non stop before I could even start writing to it. It spoke to me in a sense where I knew I had to approach it like no other song I had ever done before. I wanted it to have a special vibe. One thing for sure, I knew it would bring something out of me I was not used to doing on a record. Since I have always had a strong passion for making music it all made since to me to title the record "Passion". However, it took me a while to write it because I wanted it to be a great display of my writing capabilities and execution on a record. It was a small challenge but it was something that I was willing to face and one day it finally hit me. I began to write the song with passion and before I knew it, "Passion" was created. When listening to my music my goal is to give people a release. I want it to be a breath of fresh air to whomever is listening to it. I feel one of the greatest gifts in life is being able to connect to people through music. I understand that I am fortunate to have the capabilities to do so. I really hope my listeners get a well rounded idea of who P-Butta is even if we don't have a direct or personal connection. It’s a beautiful thing to be able to connect with the people through song. 

What’s next for you, P-Butta?

Well, I have a lot of things in the works currently and in the near future. For starters, I just released a music video for  "Passion" from my "Lost Time" album which is out now on YouTube. “All The Faces” video coming soon also from my “Lost Time” album. I also have many performances coming up in the Orlando area and other surrounding cities. I have some national performances on the calendar as well. Stay tuned for those dates! On August 31 you will definitely catch me hitting the stage at the Supr Music Festival in Orlando.


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