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P.Dot57 Inspires Today's Youth With Catalytic Album 'Same 24'

34-year-old musician P.Dot57 from Delaware has been making music with a purpose since 2002, speaking out and trying to create unity. He selflessly uses music to send a message to folks born of lower incomes and are worthy of success. P.Dot57's latest album titled 'Same 24' was released in September 2020, with all of the grit and power he brought to his previous 17 albums. In 'Same 24,' P.Dot57 brings awareness to social equity and change that needs to be made.

P.Dot57 opens the album with "Tuskegee Experiment," a heartbreaking awakening and cry for equality. He raps verses delving into the corruption of politics, white privilege, and the state of our world today in a commanding and potent song. Though "Tuskegee Experiment" has a head-turning rhythm, your focus will sway to the lyrics bringing attention to the injustices felt by the Black community. The Tuskegee experiment is a famous violation of human rights, where Black males were recruited in a study looking at untreated syphilis. Even after treatment was released, these participants were denied information and access to drugs that could have saved their lives, a problem that P.Dot57 describes in his lyrics. "Tuskegee Experiment" is a desperate plea to call attention to these injustices in a format that could reach the hearts of many.

The transition into "God Speed (Ole Boy Members Only)" leads you to a whole new feeling of how P.Dot57 shows off his flaming rap skills in this one, flying along to the beat with no struggle. The uplifting and upbeat nature of "God Speed" leaves you wanting more and eager to get to the next track.

P.Dot57 swoops back in with a slightly more melodic-like song, weaving in some piano behind the insane beat with "Venice Beach Vibes." This classic Hip Hop sound radiates a feel-good atmosphere, with poetic lyrics describing scenes of the scene of Venice Beach. If you haven't already been there, you'll feel like you have after listening to this one. P.Dot57 has a gift for storytelling, and "Vegas Nights" follows closely from the previous track with descriptions of his crazy experiences in the city of Las Vegas. "Vegas Nights" has a more mellow atmosphere, with Jazz-like instrumentation. Keeping it fresh with "Standing on Couches" featuring Dino Rackz, P.Dot57 starts off small and builds to a head-bopping anthem that pumps up your mood.

The only track on "Same 24" that features a female singer, "Who Can I Run To," brings back the somber tones we saw at the beginning of the album with a creative and melodic twist. K. Holloway's rich and dynamic vocals bring a sense of longing and darkness and compliment the themes of "Who Can I Run To" in a beautiful way. A short and sweet addition, the next song, "Cap," calls out the untruthful and hurtful behavior of some members of society.

Encouraging others to chase their dreams and appreciate all they've been through, "Black Ownership" featuring Amillion The Poet, once again leaves you with nothing but enlightenment.

"Home Stretch" featuring K. Price is one of the debut releases from 'Same 24.' This song carries a danceable rhythm and fire rap verses, a classic hip hop sound that younger listeners would graduate towards. Dancing throughout the lyrics is a concept of endurance and determination, reminding us that we can achieve if we are open-minded. "Home Stretch" is accompanied by a music video, a simple concept with artistic shots showing P.Dot57 feeling his words across a small town. With P.Dot57's goal of reaching the hearts of low-income communities, the representation of small towns like theirs is essential and allows them to be heard.

Metaphorically starting with a rainstorm's sounds, "Tears of a Black Woman" delves into the daily fears and struggles that Black women face. P.Dot57 closes off 'Same 24' with the honest and energetic "G.O.a.T. II (Blame Heem)" featuring Tru Musiq. He raves about the importance of hyping yourself up and celebrating your talents, whatever they may be. He writes with the pen until he bleeds, not stopping until he is heard.

P.Dot 57 is doing everything he can to use his platform to spread positivity and light and encourage people to chase after what they want. He knows that good things come from hard work and ambition, and his uplifting lyrics paint a picture of perseverance and deliverance.

Hello P.Dot 57 and welcome to BuzzMusic. It is incredibly inspiring how you incorporate such important topics into your music, what sparked the idea for 'Same 24'? How did you decide on the title 'Same 24?'

The Same 24 was a concept that originated after the death of the late amazing Nipsey Hussle.  His passing really put into perspective that we each get 24 hours to make a difference and how we spend those hours depicts who and what we can become.  I also wanted to send the message that being black means some of those hours you may spend fighting an uphill battle but that you keep striving no matter what and above all you never give up on any of your endeavors.  This album is special I released it on my 34th bday 9/22.  With that said on the released date of the Same 24, I was hospitalized with a Blood Pressure of 276/92.  I was turning 34 and having a stroke due to hypertension which caused an acute kidney injury.  Fortunately, it’s treatable with short-term dialysis for the next year.  It’s a lifestyle change but I’m blessed to be alive to take care of my son and make more music.  I’m working on my upcoming album as we speak!

You have had quite a career already, with 17 projects under your belt! Which album do you think resonated with you the most, and why?

I love each album for a different reason as they serve as time capsules of my life.  Perhaps my favorite projects are Section 8 Soliloquy because I wrote the there entire project in Europe on a 10-day vacation.  The lyrical content for that project was the next level as well as the production.  Same 24 I love because I created this body of work during a pandemic.  The project is socially cognizant of the times we are living in but also challenges the listener to neither make nor accept excuses. Same 24 had a distinctly honest and vulnerable side that I wanted to convey!

How do you manage to keep things fresh after the release of 17 albums? What new aspects does 'Same 24' bring to the table?

It's quite easy to keep fresh ideas when you love what you do.  I’ve been recording albums since my junior year of high school. Same 24 is a project for people to grasp and hang on to.  It’s an Ode to the working woman or man that no matter what we go through God can preserve us.  I also want people to know love heals all wounds.  This album is a statement to work smarter and harder to get to where we desire to be.

Before the pandemic made its way across the world, did you enjoy live performances? What is your favorite memory of a live show to date?

Pre-Pandemic I loved live performances.  I’m an artist that feels overlooked and would love more opportunities to broaden my fan base through live performance.  I’ve lived in numerous cities over the past decade but I’m a Wilmington, Delaware native.  A place many don’t know exist.  I’m working to be the voice of my city and state and to finally get us the National recognition we covet.  When things clear up and they will I look forward to performing in front of as many people as possible.

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020 and what can we expect to see next from you?

My family friends and son have kept me inspired this year.  This is the year of revelation in my eyes.  We are all learning who really loves and supports us as well as who we should give our energy to.  Up Next besides getting physically better I plan on dropping my third album of the year entitled “Faith Over Fear”.  That should be released in December!




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