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P Double Reveals Soulful Instrumentation in Hip-Hop Single, “Paid”

With already eleven projects and over 300 installments to his name, P Double continues to accelerate towards his goal of becoming a world-class entertainer.

P Double’s most recent sonic experience “Paid,” produced by Ctxy, can be enjoyed from any digital streaming platform including Spotify and Apple Music. Now his most streamed track on Spotify, “Paid” will immediately captivate the listener with every seamless and dynamic verse. Having always had a passion for the production aspect of music, P Double showcases his inner creator with his tasteful blend of a diverse array of genres.

Making up the ground layer of “Paid,” P Double expresses his subtle hints of Jazz and Soul with a hooking melody played by an alto saxophone. A classic 808 trap beat is layered within the repetitive instrumentation which quickly appeals to any steadfast lover of Hip-Hop.

Thanks to his business partner of nine years, his co-founder of Kingsroad Entertainment – Full Effect – P Double had the opportunity to develop his Hip-Hop artistry from a legend himself. The natural rapping talent mixed with years of what P Double called “rap boot camp” is indisputable with the effortless flow of every verse in “Paid.” As P Double cascades in and out of each chorus, the tempo of his vocals influences the energy level of the song.

Fans will be taken on a journey of effervescent variation, which will leave their heart rates racing.

One of the main aspects of “Paid” that captivated our attention was the alluring combination of a trap beat with an alto saxophone melody. What made you decide to incorporate a saxophone as the main melody of “Paid?”

That Sax melody is what drew me in as well. The beat was produced by Cxdy, part of the Internet Money collective - I’ve been rapping over his beats on YouTube for as long as I can remember. I’m very picky when it comes to beat selection, I’m conscious of certain drum patterns, bpm speeds, chord progressions, etc. As an artist, I try to be as diverse as possible so my music never has a stale or recycled feeling. I’m always looking for new pockets and cadences to add to my repertoire. Between that Sax sample and the outside-the-box drum pattern, I immediately caught a head bop and started mumbling top-line melodies.

Can you tell us about your songwriting process for “Paid?” What is the message behind your lyrics?

The songwriting process for Paid specifically was a lot more fun than most of my recent creations and I think you can tell by listening back. If you know me, you know I’m up super early working on music before I go to my regular day job, so this was one of my 5 am, before the suns up, creations. Being an entrepreneur at heart, the inspiration for this song came to me at a time where a couple of different investments I’ve made over the years started paying off. While I am a rapper and seemingly enjoy taking on the high bravado confident persona, I’m actually very grateful to have been blessed with my present opportunities in this current state of the world. I was just all around excited and wanted to express that to the world on record. Don’t ever give up.

Can you tell us about your collaboration with your business partner and co-founder of Kingsroad Entertainment – Full Effect?

The infamous FE! Yes, FE has been part of the journey now for I believe 8 years. He’s someone that's not into the limelight what so ever so at times people may not really see him or understand what he brings to the table. At the core, he is a DJ and Engineer but more importantly an overall creative genius. He takes every step of the process with me when it comes to music specifically. His extensive knowledge of music and the art of rap has been one of, if not the most, incremental parts of the growth of P Double. I give him a lot of credit for being so hands-on and believing in this the way he did from such an early part of the process. That is real sweat equity and dedication. Now blood couldn’t make us any closer and we’re business partners on paper, breaking bread together. Life is good.

You released your first song in 2009 and have continued to advance as an artist since then! How has your music evolved since you first started?

Oh man, From then to now feels like a lifetime ago. My music has evolved a whole lot since then. I definitely would say I live in this constant state of being able to track my progression as a human while utilizing my music to be an outlet for outward expression. I started making music so young that back then it wasn’t about having a perspective on things or really even being conscious of who I was yet. It was strictly for fun and commitment to the vision. I’m not one of these artists that feel they have a gift or are super talented. Where I shine is my work ethic. My music has evolved so much because of my patience to continue to work hard with blind faith in hopes that eventually I’d get good enough to make it. But this is just as much an inward self-discovering journey for me as well. My music is my real life. As I continue to mature and experience the different things that life puts in front of us, good and bad, I’m forever evolving and learning. My music tells that story.

What's next for you?

We have a whole lot on the Horizon. From music to visuals to merch to hopefully shows again, we’re locked in. This year I’ve been focused more on the business aspect of the game than anything else. I’m very much a businessman in my personal life, I just happened to be able to rap well too so it's the perfect storm. I feel a lot of artists neglect that and unfortunately pay the price for it. As much as this is about the creation and the art itself, if you’re not constantly pivoting your business model, your chances of making it decrease significantly. But more importantly, there is a new album on the way so stay tuned and sit tight, I have a lot to talk to the world about.

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