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P$Y Is Bringing Grunge To Hip-hop With His Dope Style!

Based in El Paso Texas, P$Y is basically an enigma to many people he explains. “It’s like people never know what I’m doing” he started making music when he was only 12 years old, and he presents a style so unique and abstract to who he is. Throughout the years P$Y has experimented with producing beats and writing his own music. Music was his escape from the world he dealt with. P$Y has multiple influences that ranges from A$AP Rocky, Kid Cudi, and Nirvana. His music will absolutely exceed your expectations with a sound that combines grunge and rap. He possesses his unique lyrical flow that depicts confidence and a melodic vibe.

P$Y released his latest single titled Everth!Ng” and what I loved so much about this song was it didn’t stick to the norm of hip-hop beats. Everything about this seemed like a fused together mix of multiple genres in one hardcore, dope, hip-hop record. P$Y has this rock n roll grit to his voice while the delivery reminded me a lot like the iconic lyrical rappers we know and love such as Kendrick Lamar, and even his own influence A$AP Rocky. The beat was brashful with a strident bass perfect enough to add that “Grimy” appeal to the song. “Looking for love but I aint got enough” this was an indicator to me that P$Y used the songwriting in “Everth!Ng” to project his personal feelings and thoughts through his music and it translated well with the listener. After listening to “Everth!Ng” his other release “Check” transitioned in right after and I couldn’t help but listen due to the mesmerizing orchestrated like introduction. P$Y is an artist who knows to turn you into a fan because he’s so unique and intricate.

Listen to "Everth!Ng" here. Check out or exclusive interview with P$Y below!

Hello! Can you tell our readers a little about yourself? How did you create the stage name “P$Y” ?

P$Y is the first 3 letters of the word psychedelic which has alot to do with who i am and how i think. I see and do things very differently due to my altered perspective. It also describes my genre of music and my vibe. 

Tell us about “Everything” and the meaning behind this song, what inspired you to write it?

I didn't really write, “Everyth!Ng.” I wrote maybe just the hook and the rest I freestyled. I was just speaking from the heart about my current lifestyle and my emotions throughout my situation at the time.

What moment in “Everything” do you think highlighted the song the most for you?

The second the vocals come in you can feel the energy enter the room and you can just let that energy carry you up and down.

What’s next for you?

I want to evolve in every way possible as an artist and bring more experimental and diverse sounds to the universe and touch as many people as I can.


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