Pablo Gives Us Classic Bars in “Domestic Policy”

Pablo released his single titled “Domestic Policy” and this song impressed us to the fullest. What’s interesting about this record was the vibe it gave off. This was the type of song you would hear from a rap legend like Nas, Nipsey, or Kendrick, someone with a high caliber of skill and authenticity. This is exactly the aesthetic Pablo has. He’s a skillful lyricist with a raw personality about him that makes him even greater. We fell absolutely in love with his bonafide character that resonated through “Domestic Policy”. “Domestic Policy” was a beautifully written song that had us compelled and captivated. We were able to follow along with the lyrics and feel the passion drive through the music. “Domestic Policy” is the type of song that many people can find themselves relating too.

It wasn’t fabricated with this persona that rappers think the hip-hop culture would love. Instead, it stayed true tot he artistry of Pablo and remained a thoroughly genuine song that can stay in its own Pablo is undeniably the rapper of the future generation. We’re almost positive he will leave a lasting impact and legacy behind his career. 2020 is set to be a big year for Pablo as he’s set to release his upcoming EP. we will surely be tuned in with this project to see if he keeps the momentum up after a great hit like “Domestic Policy” the bar has been raised & we’re sure he won’t disappoint!

You can listen to “Domestic Policy” by Pablo here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Pablo! Tell us about your early inspirations. What inspired you to pursue music?