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Paige Anne Throws Her Hands In The Air In “Free”

Bringing some radiant, youthful energy to the modern pop/r&b scene is singer-songwriter and recording artist Paige Anne with her lead single, "Free," from her 5-track debut EP, The First Paige.

Paige Anne has a lifetime of captivating stories about the biggest challenges teen face, her household dynamics, and other adolescent experiences like heartbreak and love. With many high-octane live performances under her belt, Paige Anne is now ready to expand her fanbase with her debut 5-track EP, The First Paige, a collection of pop, r&b, and dance music tracks.

The EP's lead single, "Free," is also the introductory track and gives listeners a refreshing taste of what they'll experience in the following four tracks. This song is the perfect way to introduce yourself to the upbeat and harmonious stylings of Paige Anne, who's proving herself as a staple artist in today's pop/r&b space.

The song vibrantly opens with rich electric guitar picking and a warm pop beat that brings us into sunny vacations alongside Paige Anne's picturesque lyrics. While expressing the good times, good music, and good friends, Paige Anne jumps into the earworm hook and throws her hands in the air, proclaiming that freeing sensation when life's going your way.

It's a feel-good, witty, and charismatic song that blesses us with vocal tones similar to Alessia Cara and Demi Lovato. The many youthful scenes that Anne sings about bring feelings of nostalgia, back to those teenage summer nights hitting the town without a care in the world. If any piece of music could describe the word "Free", there's no doubt it would be this radiant track.

"Free" yourself from life's burdens and let loose to Paige Anne's new single and debut EP, The First Paige, now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Paige Anne. How did you want to make your audience feel when hearing your upbeat lyrics and vibrant instrumentals in "Free?"

I want them to feel the breeze of Free. Like windsurfing with your hand in a is good...even in its most simple and free moments.

What sort of experience did you want to create for listeners?

I want my listeners to feel the experience of a laidback 73-degree day hanging out with people they cherish!

Why did you choose to place "Free" as the introductory track to your debut EP, The First Paige?

I think that The 'First Paige' of my first solo album should be a song that emulates me and what brings me Joy. "Free" encapsulates this feeling.

How does this song prepare listeners for the rest of the project?

For my first album, I wanted to offer a variety of different songs. I personally listen to numerous genres of music. I feel like this creates a well-rounded Spotify account. Some of my favorite elements complement some of my all-time favorites.

What was your favorite part about creating your debut EP, The First Paige?

Hands down, hanging out with my excellent production team and putting our heads together to form something new. Food, fun, music, and people I admire and respect having a great time.

What was that experience like?

It was hard work, with many hours sacrificed by everyone to create this EP, but all of that was worth the final product.

What's next for you?

I will work on passing 10th-grade math, learn to drive, beg my parents for a car and continue producing and writing music.....I seriously can't wait!!


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