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Paiige Releases Her Dark And Alluring Single “Cherry" & We Can't Get Enough Of It

Paiige is the next artist we’re bringing to you BuzzMusic listeners, and we’re delivering her on a silver platter. Paiige is just the artist we needed in our lives at this time. The blended rhythms and sounds she curates, integrated with her pristine vocalism is astounding to us. Such a young artist, yet she comes with shocking talent and expertise. We love an artist who can surprise us right from the start of their music. The raw aspect of Paiige’s music that really set her apart from other artists was the fact that she can so easily express her emotion in her music—not even slight fabrication on that part. It feels as if Paiige exposes all of herself in her music—her inspiration, her drive, her thoughts, her battles. Some artists are born to communicate their thoughts and feelings to the world, and Paiige is one of those artists for sure. 

Alright, we can say without a doubt that we found our favorite artist of the week. Paiige's sound is incredible, especially in her latest single “Cherry”. Her vocals are so familiar, and yet so distinct. She gives us melodies that we’re comfortable with and commonly hear within her vocals, but expands on the creativity with the rhythm and overall production. Her vocalism is both daunting and crisp. We absolutely love when artists can curate dark sounding tracks with haunting lyricism—Paiige reminds us of sounds that artists such as Florence + The Machine curate, but with a sightly darker twist to the atmosphere they create. Paiige sings “Make sure it lasts long, I don’t know when I’ll see you again. I want to have enough to take with me back when I see you in my dreams”, which is packed with underlying messages. We love a song where it’s full of hidden messages that require a delicate unravel. Paiige executes her single “Cherry” flawlessly, and the dramatic vocalism is what stood out to us the most

We know all you dark alternative music lovers will be all over Paiige and her newest single—stream it now here

Hello Paiige! Please introduce yourself to the BuzzMusic community! 

Hello! I am a 19 year old singer/ songwriter from Miami. My music is R&B and Funk influenced and I tend to write about situations in my life. It can be good or bad situations, my goal is not only to express what I feel at the moment, but to also help someone out through my music that is going through a similar situation.

We really felt the raw and truthful emotion in your latest single “Cherry”. How do you convey this much soul and passion when you’re recording the song in the studio? 

Every song I write comes from within me, they are all very personal to me. When you sing something that comes from within you and you are passionate about it, the soul comes out.  Cherry is about embracing who you are and loving whoever you want to love. I took a personal moment in my life and I turned it into something soulful.

Let’s talk about your musical inspirations. We know you have some pretty heavy influence from artists such as Led Zeppelin and Amy Winehouse, but how have they helped within the curation process of your music?

I'm heavy influenced by classic rock, soul, funk, and r&b. Artists like them have given me some sort of blueprint as to how I want to sound. I don't ever want to sound like another artist, however, I do always want my biggest influences to reflect on my music because I feel without them, I would of never searched for my own sound. 

Are you planning on performing in the near future?

Yes! I plan to perform hopefully by the end of August in a show I want to organize with other local artists.

Please tell us you’re coming out with more new releases within the rest of 2019!?

I am currently working on new music, I want to have it out hopefully by the end of summer. It is a very different sound from my first album The Honeymoon Era, so I am very excited to finally release it :).


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