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Palace 9 Takes Us to “Paradise” in a Debut Single

Coming in hot is the new versatile and expressive alternative-rock three-piece Palace 9, who recently kicked off their discography with the gleaming and anthemic debut single, "Paradise."

Palace 9 is quickly making a name for itself by merging the energy and drive and indie bands with alternative influences to create high-powered guitar-based rock. The band prised itself on balancing expressive alternative-rock artfulness with dreamy, surf-rock sensibilities, making their mark on the Brisbane music scene in no time.

Now releasing their anticipated debut single, "Paradise," Palace 9 shows us what they've got and more through this exciting and passionate alternative-rock tune. The nimble percussion and confident vocals bring us into a thrilling and high-energy listening experience, while soothing vocal harmonies and dynamic electric guitars add a sense of balance and release to this bold new tune.

Hitting play on the single, "Paradise," we dive into the crisp waters of a crunchy and driving rhythm guitar riff that kicks the song into gear. Once the lead vocalist begins belting his melodic and distinct vocals, he sets many picturesque and euphoric scenes that fuel us with energy and a lust for life. As we reach the foot-stomping hook, Palace 9 reminds us that "Paradise" might just be in arms reach.

There's a certain Kings of Leon feel that accompanies this tune's overall sound and vibe, hitting us over the head with a high-energy and passionate experience that's truly hard to come by. As Palace 9 leads us towards the song's end, they take us around the beaming hook one last time to end the song with a bang.

Find your "Paradise" in Palace 9's exciting and captivating debut single, now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Palace 9. Congratulations on releasing your thrilling debut single, "Paradise." Why did you want to release this song as your first official single? How does it represent your band?

Thank you very much! "Paradise" was the first song we started working on when we began preparing our live set. At the time we had Aaron Shanahan (Dream Dali, Miami Horror) on bass who had been a mentor for us through school and had helped us with recording demos and getting the band started in the right direction. His experience and knowledge were very valuable to us as we found our ’sound’ and in part, releasing Paradise felt like a way of thanking him for his effort. "Paradise" is a song that represents our beginning and we thought it would be great to release a high-energy, upbeat track as our debut so people could feel happy as they start listening to us blasting in the car or jamming in the shower kind of vibes.

What inspired the creation of your debut single, "Paradise?"

I wrote "Paradise" as a visualization exercise because I was at a point in my life when things felt bleak and I wasn’t achieving the things I wanted to. Vividly imagining yourself in your own Paradise is a great way to relieve stress or negative thoughts and bring yourself back to the present. This is something that also inspired our band name, Palace 9. Once I had a solid picture of my 'Paradise' I realized what a great setting and concept this would be for a song and the words flowed from an almost meditative state.

Could you introduce us to your band members and how you handled the creative process for "Paradise?" What did that process look like?

The current lineup is myself, Cooper Flick on vocals and guitar, Caleb Freeman on drums, and Theo Todd on bass both of whom I spent the last two years of school making music with at Music Industry College. The band formed through the recording of this song which makes it extra special for us. I took the creative lead traveling up to Bribie Island each week to record and produce Paradise with Aaron Shanahan. We began with a vocal and guitar scratch track to capture the overall feeling of the song and then worked on those parts separately, adding in some other elements like synth lines to create more textural interest in the mix. Aaron recorded the bass parts and that’s when we got Caleb involved to record drums at his home studio in Redcliffe. Almost a year later he is a crucial element of the band and we now have our debut single out amongst the world.

What was your main goal with "Paradise?" How did you want this single to impact listeners and your overall music career?

The main goal of "Paradise" was to introduce people to our band and to allow us to begin experimenting with the idea of Palace 9, what we want it to look, sound, and feel like across live gigs, social media, and streaming services. Setting a release date was liberating as it was a song I had been sitting on for a long time. It was also very exciting as it gave me the chance to separate our previous work together from what was to become a new brand and a more collaborative process. In terms of what we hoped listeners would get out of the song, we imagined each and every person in the crowd at one of our shows taking a moment to picture their own 'Paradise,' feel happy, and recognize the ‘Paradise’ in their own lives and how we often take these things for granted.

What's next for you?

We love playing live and it is a big focus for us at the moment to be playing heaps of shows to get our name out there. We will keep trialing new material to audiences so that we can continue defining our sound in the music scene. We have chosen a great new single which has some extra pure-rock punchiness to it compared to Paradise. We’re very excited for our next release, you will be hearing from us again soon!

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