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Palm Releases Authentic And Well-Composed New Single "Drive Thru"

Palm is a 19 year old American prodigy who comes from North Carolina. Palm has an artistic mind that greatly values and appreciates social constructs, self-expression, and perspective on all life. He is also a big believer in self-love and self-awareness, which is a huge part of his music. In his songs he expresses his point of view on topics from an open perspective opposed to something that is considered a typically socially accepted opinion. Palm loves to inspire and be inspired. What inspires him are his surroundings. He appreciates the small things in life, and he can see the positive in any situation. This mindset allows for growth, good energy, and increased awareness. Palm unites his desire to help people widen their perspectives on life with his passion of music in every song that he creates.

Palms new track “Drive Thru” is no exception to this. “Drive Thru” showcases Palm’s lyricism with the verse “The like minds have the power of a generator, always got a backup gear call it innovator”. This line is slick and clever, but it also has an important meaning behind it. When he says “like minds have the power of a generator” it is implied that people who are wise and self-aware are powerful because they are always thinking about other people, different outcomes, and they can see things from multiple perspectives that create a “backup plan” for every situation. This also represents that people who are open minded are innovative due to being able to derive more from everything in life opposed to those who aren’t. This song gives me major respect for Palmbecause “Drive Thru” is raw, ingenuous, and inspiring, which represents who he is as a person and artist.

I suggest that you add Palms "Drive Thru" to your playlist here so you can say you heard it first before he blew up!


Hello and welcome to BuzzMusic! What makes you the open-minded person that you are?

Life, life in general. Seeing and experiencing hardships and opportunities open my mind to the world and what it has to offer. I try to never block out anything that may be a sign to me in anyway. I recently had a conversation with a homeless person and most people fear that they want money from them but this one homeless person gave me some game on appreciating the small wins in life. This will lead to a large appreciation of what I’m doing and that’s something that really took a toll on how I look at my career. He told me that he didn’t learn from his mistakes and that is what led him to being in his current state. Conversations in this matter really make me look deep inside and find ways to be the best version of myself and that starts with opening my mind, being self aware, and constantly learning from all perspectives. 

“Drive Thru” has some sincere, deep moments. Was this your vision for the song the whole time?

Definitely, I really wanted to spark a conversation with the song. It’s a very reflective, self aware song. Some of the mistakes I’ve made in my life are definitely in the song and I really wanted to be hard on myself and let these emotions out. I still have friends that make the same bad decisions over and over and not learn from them so I had to cut them out of my life in order for me to grow mentally and spiritually. A lot of who I am comes from experiencing these deep moments from learning in church to having issues in relationships with people and learning from situations as a whole. Growth is a key of this track. It’s definitely one of my favorite tracks from the project.

What is your favorite part about “Drive Thru”?

I have a few favorite parts because it’s such a beautiful song but overall it would be me speaking on opening your mind, observing knowledge from your surroundings, having optimism and having conversation about not being beaten down by what life has and will throw at me during the course of my career. I just try to be as optimistic as possible and I want to instill that energy that I was blessed with from god to pass on to others. The goal was to empower people of all kind. People judge people for several different reasons but music is a getaway for people and I want my music to be an escape for anyone that is having problems in their life. It may could save someone or it might not but who knows? I just try to pass on the wisdom that I have learned and that is what I will do while God has me here on earth.

Who are your inspirations and mentors?

- My parents and siblings honestly. I have an older brother that is into real estate and he always gives me game on never conforming to society and having that confidence. I’m thankful for him and my dad for instilling that in me early on. I feel that I can do anything because of that. My mom and sister are the most loving people and they tell me to keep going and encourage me constantly, so that’s big. My little brother is my ride or die. My parents had him for me and I just try to show him that I will make it in whatever I do and I want him to know that he will too. I try to be that blueprint for him just as my older brother is to me. And last but not least, my best friend. We always have intellectual conversations about life and inspires me a ton. I’m truly thankful for all of these people in my life.

What are some challenges that you’ve had to face in your music career? How did you overcome them?

-The biggest challenge for me is exposure honestly. I feel that my music and message is just as good and as important as the Cole’s and Kendrick’s. I just need to gain more exposure and the world will see. I haven’t fully overcome this challenge yet but I will and I have something to say and I will stand on that for the rest of my career and life in general. It’s apart of my evolution. I’m speaking my success into existence. 


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