Papa Fresco Will Do “Whatever It Takes” In His Latest Single

Papa Fresco is a gifted indie artist based in Nashville, TN. Starting as a small project by Kyle Barnett in 2018, Papa Fresco has been steadily growing ever since. With 2 self-produced EP’s out this year, Papa Fresco is currently working on a full-length album! Pulling inspiration from inspirations like Johnny Cash, Cindy Lauper and everything in between, Papa Fresco’s sound fuses nostalgic familiarities and refreshing contemporary soundscapes to create one cohesive sound. This translates into manic, entertaining live shows where you may laugh, you may cry, but most importantly you will have a good time!

Featured on the EP “Happy and Alive” is the contagious hit “Whatever It Takes”! This particular release offers both great melodies and great riffs, not to mention an addictive level of energy that gradually increases throughout. The second half of “Whatever It Takes” sees passion take the wheel when the melody reaches a new peak. The vocals and the musicianship all meet the bar and the moment evolves into genuine rock intensity. Energizing and uplifting audiences everywhere Papa Fresco has irreplaceable personality. From a songwriting perspective, “Whatever It Takes” hits in a wonderful way, the various stages of the song each seem to surprise and yet satisfy. Stay on the lookout for more from Papa Fresco!

Check out “Whatever It Takes” here and read more with Papa Fresco below in our exclusive interview.


Welcome to BuzzMusic Papa Fresco! What can you tell us about your track “Whatever It Takes”? What does this project represent for you?

“Whatever It Takes” is a song about the anxiety and depression of wondering if you’re good enough. Whether it's being good enough for somebody, a dream or a passion you may have, really any part of life where you may question yourself. All the while not changing or losing yourself because of that worry and doubt. But staying true to you and trying your best, because that’s all we really can do, try our best.

With two EP’s in one year and another full-length project on the way, how do you stay on track to write so consistently? 

Ya life can get busy a lot of times, but I just love music. So any free time I do have I’m usually doing something music related. Writing, playing, recording, and going to shows. I think whatever someone is passionate about it's important to make time for that passion whenever you can.

Where is the best setting to listen to “Whatever It Takes”, and what do you hope people take away from it?

Honestly I think this song fits well with multiple settings. Sad and alone at night laying in your bed, a fun house party with friends, or driving around on a nice day with the windows down. At least those are some of my favorites.

What can you tell us about your upcoming album?

I think the album is coming along very well. Still a lot of work to get done, some songs are still just ideas that I’m messing around with but I’m really excited about the direction its headed. I think it has very 60’s dirty alley/beachy vibe to it and is a good step forward from the last two releases.

What will be the release date of this project and do you have any shows coming up to promote it?

No set release date yet but I’m working toward trying to put it out somewhere between the beginning of 2019 and early spring. But we’ll playing as often as we can around Nashville to start building some buzz. Then the goal is to try and play SXSW next year. I’ve never been, but it seems like an amazing festival for artists to come together and share their work, especially up and comers wanting to make a name for themselves. I’d love to be a part of that.


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