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Paper Anthem’s Latest Venture Is A Tale Of Complexity And Solace

Photo by: Sam Rockman

Like the timeless symbol of the ouroboros, Paper Anthem begins exactly as it ends…

After nearly a decade of solo endeavors in America, frontman Joseph Hitchcock moved to the UK, the birthplace of the indie trailblazers who inspired him. There, he teamed up with guitarist Noor Harajli (Brazil), bassist Carlo Haltrich (Romania), and drummer Joe Spoors (Nottingham), all filmmakers who accidentally found their way into the music industry.

Their intense recording schedule bore fruit in December 2023 with the release of their first EP, "A Victimless Crime," offering just a taste of what they have planned for 2024 as they navigate the vast London music scene.

Now, in 2024, Paper Anthem returns with ‘Coelacanth,’ the first single from their upcoming EP, which will be released this summer. Produced by Danny Monk, the track is a surrealist sonic journey, opening with eerie, ethereal synths before crescendoing into a buoyant indie rock climax, reflecting the tumultuous nature of the lyrics.

Written while living in Seattle’s Chinatown, Hitchcock tells the story of his complex relationship with a full-time teacher and part-time escort. Reflecting on days spent smoking weed (legally!) and watching anime, he concludes that this was a relationship where two people sought solace in each other, yet honesty remained elusive.

The production quality of "Coelacanth" stands out, with Monk’s influence adding a polished yet raw edge to the track. The use of contrasting musical elements—from the delicate opening notes to the robust, bouncy rhythms—enhances the song's narrative of finding beauty and struggle within a complicated relationship.

Paper Anthem’s style is reminiscent of early 2000s indie icons like LCD Soundsystem, Foals, and Bloc Party. These influences are evident in the track’s structure and energy, yet Hitchcock infuses his unique voice and perspective, making ‘Coelacanth’ feel familiar and fresh.

Check out ‘Coelacanth’ and its accompanying music video now!


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