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Parasona Release An Electrifying New Hit “Scars You Left Behind”

Who else doesn’t love a passionate pop rock band who takes personable experiences into creative songwriting to release bops everyone can remember!? That’s exactly what the Canadian band Parasona is keen for! The band consists of members; Adam Lancia (Vocals, Guitar) and Joshua Golias (Drums, Beard). This two piece band released their energetic rock song titled “Scars You Left Behind”.

"Scars You Left Behind" has the perfect elements that can resonate and connect with a listener. Due to their highly relatable lyrics, we can find ourselves clicking with not only the music but the band. A “wow I feel that” kind of moment while listening. Parasona delivered a record in which we feel aligned with, and as if this song was specifically written for our emotions. That’s the beauty behind this progressive and electrifying rock hit is that it shows signs of classic fused together with modern day rock n roll! The foghorn belts in the hook adds the perfect emphasis on the lyrics and projects a burst of energy into our bodies in which we are completely amped up and in a sense, hypnotized by the magical ball of electricity from “Scars You Left Behind”.

The duo progress the song forwardly with an increase in dynamics starting from an emotionally convicted subtle introduction to a rapid, and high energy drive! Influenced by all types of music and art, Parasona loves keeping an open mind. The band blends a modern day rock vibe and have been compared to a more gritty rock n roll version of the pop rock band Maroon 5. Parasona will have a career filled with longevity with songs like “Scars You Left Behind” under their belt!

Try something new and listen to "Scars You Left Behind" on Spotify!

Check out Parasona's exclusive interview below!

What made you two form a band? How did you choose the name “Parasona”?

Josh and I have known each other since kindergarten and as teenagers we started to learn our respective instrumentals separately. We always had the urge to perform in front of people and after a couple years it was kind of an organic: “you wanna play music together?!” moment. We went months without a band name. Without any ideas we asked one of our mutual friends to help us because he always has out of left field ideas. He responded five minutes later with a text reading: 

“I’m feeling the Latin words Parabellum (meaning prepare for war) and Potensona (powerful music) and combine them you have PARASONA (prepare for music).”

You’ve been compared to a more rock version of Maroon 5. Are you guys a personal fan? If not, who are some of your influences and how did they impact your artistry?

We are fans of just the process and work that goes into making a “hit” song. Almost like a formula of different components that come together that can appeal to a mass audience and affect a listener. It’s been amazing that Maroon 5, for example, has been around for how long they have and continue to pump out hit single after single. However you feel about them, you can’t deny the power of a catchy hit song and we strive for creating the same feeling when writing. 

Tell us a little bit about “Scars You Left Behind”. What inspired you to write this? And what can we expect from "Bad Seed"?

Well our Bad Seed album we released in 2017. We wrote, arranged, performed, recorded, and produced the whole album ourselves. Once released, this caught the ear of producer Steve Molella who is also a member of the band Finger Eleven. He liked what we were going for but felt he could add more of the top 40 feel in production that we were seeking from a proper producer. We then got to work on the single “Scars You Left Behind”. We wanted a song that talked about the addiction of not being able to let go of someone. Being taken advantage of because of being complacent and letting any love you had left to give slowly drain away. It's a song that on the surface you can listen and have a good time to but also has a deeper meaning of toxic relationships. Steve co-wrote and produced the single which is now available on all streaming services and music buying platforms.

What's 2019 looking like for Parasona?

We are continuing to work with Steve Molella on an EP that will have the same feel as “Scars”. Our Scars song has started to get picked up for rotation across North American college radio stations and has gotten airplay from Alan Cross and 102.1 The Edge (Toronto’s main rock radio station). It’s continuing to get picked up on Spotify playlists and is being added to Stingray Music’s commerce and retail playlists that are supplied to 74k+ stores across Canada. The music can compete which what’s out there today and we are doing everything we can to get it places and played for people to hear it. 


Don't forget to check out Parasona on their website to keep up to date with the latest on the duo!


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