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Paridox Released His Banging Hit “IDK”

An artist with no introduction needed, because he allows his music to speak for itself, Paridox is everything that’s ‘paradox’. Paridox is a uniquely absurd artist who is absolutely mystical and appealing. We listened to his record “IDK” and we’ve instantly became a fan of his individual style and versatile flows that’s catered to him.

What’s so cool about this is that you can listen to “IDK” without ever seeing, or hearing Paridox prior to now and instantly pick up on how he’s an exquisite, atypical, creator who uses music as an outlet for his creative expression. “IDK” was raw, uncut, slightly dark, and aggressive and we loved every part of it. The bass hit just perfectly, his vocals were refined and showed elements of rock n roll rasp and grit while serenading the hook in a smooth-sailing urban delivery.

“IDK” is a representation on how hip-hop can be portrayed in different sub-genres with multiple contextual meanings behind its lyrics. We’re personally a huge fan of Paridox, and we’re sure his authentic artistry and mystical character will take him extremely far in this music industry!

Check out Paridox's hot track "IDK" here & read more about Paridox in our interview below!

Hey there! Welcome to BuzzMusic! Mind telling us a little bit about your upbringing?

Thanks for having me. I think my story differs from what most artists in the rap game would tell you, in that my upbringing wasn’t bad at all, really. I grew up with both parents, in a pretty stable household, in a pretty decent neighborhood. I guess you could say though, that I had my issues with being raised as an only child.

“IDK” is a really cool song, can you tell us the the meaning behind it?

"IDK” is told from the perspective of someone who wants to do reckless things, but is uncertain they’re prepared to face the potential consequences of their actions. I’m sure this can apply to most people, whether the scale is large or small.

What inspired you to write "IDK"?

To be honest, the words just came to me. That tends to be the case nowadays; I pull the words from raw emotions at that moment, then I decipher them or put a meaning behind them later. That being said, I feel like the song came from my desire to be noticed or appreciated and being tired of going down the straight and narrow path to attain that.

It’s sometimes super interesting to hear an artist perspective on their own music so we must ask, what’s your favorite part about “IDK” that made you a fan of your own song?

I’m a fan of IDK because of how raw it is. I’m always trying to be as creative and original as possible with my music, and with this song, it feels like I’ve finally found my style and sound while also managing to throw in little hints about what sounds inspire me. It’s chill, yet energetic. It’s emotional, yet aloof. It’s me.

What can we expect next from you? We can't wait to hear what's next!

I have another single in the vault right now. Aside from that, I want to venture further into a more metal sound, if only for a brief moment, just to see how it turns out. I’m trying to figure out how a make a new and refreshing version of this new wave of hip-hop/rock hybrids.


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