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Paris King Won’t Let Your “Jealousy” Get In The Way Of Her Success

Never let your haters get you down.

Sometimes, the most amazing and exciting journeys start with a random decision. For budding London-based star Paris King, her journey began when she followed her friend to a drag audition on a whim and discovered a deep, natural talent for music and performance. Raised by a Jamaican father and Celtic mother in London, King soaked up the vibrant and abundant musical influences around her. Melding these influences into a cohesive sound that is as enticing as it is hard to put into a box, this talented artist continues to march to the beat of her own drum, capturing the hearts of audiences everywhere on the way.

After finding a home and dipping her toes in London’s all-inclusive, ever-expressive drag scene, King would earnestly focus her talents on music. She began releasing singles and creating music videos in total drag, ever faithful to herself and her artistic identity. She’s made it her mission for her music to challenge stereotypes while showing love to everyone and everything she represents - making her music a safe space for all. With her collaboration with Damon Elliot making significant waves on social media and a highly anticipated EP due for release later this year, King feels unstoppable.

King’s latest release, “Jealousy,” is a defiant anthem to all who would scorn her for her success and being herself. Featuring audacious and rollicking dancehall instrumentals, on “Jealousy,” King continues to show why she’s a hot commodity in the scene. Dropping lines like “Born to be King / Crown dem and the ring / Look pretty pretty and bling bling / I got it like that,” King oozes an effortless charisma. Her skills aren’t just suited to the mic either; the accompanying music video sees King show off her dancing and acting chops, too, rapping to the camera as she dances and captivates alongside her supporting dancers. Featuring King in a slew of chic, attention-grabbing outfits, laser-sharp choreography, and flawless delivery make the music video a perfect accompaniment to the release, something that’s become increasingly rare.

Paris King’s latest release, “Jealousy,” is many things, but perhaps most importantly, a celebration of human expression and the resolution to be your authentic self no matter what the outside world might think. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream Paris King’s new release, “Jealousy,” available now.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Paris King! We loved "Jealousy;" the music video went so well with the song's vibe! What feeling or concept were you trying to capture with this release?

Firstly, thank you for having me! I wanted to encapsulate the rawness of the music and end up with a polished Caribbean-inspired LGBTQ plus extravaganza. I think we did it! It was also essential to have other representatives of queer black culture and allies, so the team on set all fit the bill, and I love how it came out.

You mentioned you grew up in London surrounded by tons of music through your family. How did growing up exposed to so much music influence you as an artist?

Growing up surrounded by a melting pot of music influenced me massively! As a child, I would listen to Bob Marley one minute, then Patsy Cline, and then my brothers would play house and garage and bands like The Prodigy, giving me a taste of everything.

What was your favorite part of bringing your vision for the video for "Jealousy" to life?

My favorite part is what it meant for me - incorporating the red, gold, and green colors throughout the video, being fabulously glamorous, and having the undertone of raw ethnicity, the dance moves, and the inclusion and the allies. It was a real feast for me, and I hope it's also a feast for the viewers.

What do you want your listeners to feel when they hear your music?

I want my listeners to feel empowered by my music. Everyone faces scrutiny - especially when forging a slightly different path. "Jealousy" is all about naysayers and hecklers and the fact that they are jealous of others' intrinsic confidence to be visible and glow. The message in all of my songs is never to lose your glow.

What's next for Paris King? Can we expect to hear more new music, and is there anything you want to say to your fans?

Fans can expect many more music videos and performances, and I would love to tell all my listeners. Thank you very much for supporting the empowerment movement, and catch me on all my social media channels to keep in touch!


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