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Paris Taylor Shares the Deep and Dark "Story of a Killer"

Serenading us from her home in Texas, the pop artist and singer-songwriter Paris Taylor releases her conceptual sophomore single, "Story of a Killer."

With a voice that's often compared to Amy Lee of Evanescence, Paris Taylor has no problem gaining traction and recognition with merely two singles under her belt. Taylor is currently gearing up to release her debut EP, 'Insight,' produced by Eric Johnson of NI Music Group and Danny Jay of Jettsetter Music Group.

Now releasing her sophomore single, "Story of a Killer," Paris Taylor shines a bright light on the difficulties and tribulations she's faced, striving to help others with her sincere story. "'Story of a Killer' is about the struggles I faced being bullied and getting diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called Hashimoto's...I learned everyone has battles of their own, and it's okay not to feel okay," explained Taylor.

Listening to the single, "Story of a Killer," the song gently opens with soothing acoustic guitar strokes, downtempo rim hits, a somber violin, and tender piano melodies. As Paris Taylor begins vocalizing her deepened emotions when in the midst of inner turmoil, she portrays an incredibly heartfelt and emotional lyrical landscape that leaves any listener pondering their own trials and tribulations.

As Paris Taylor continues to sweep us off our feet with each breathy vocal and detailed lyric, the surrounding sonics begin to pick up with added strings that sonically serenade us with the utmost emotion and heart. Paris Taylor later leads us towards the introspective outro, portraying the sadness she felt when no one bothered to reach out and lend a helping hand.

Find a piece of yourself in Paris Taylor's emotional sophomore single, "Story of a Killer," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Paris Taylor, and congratulations on the release of your soothing sophomore single, "Story of a Killer." What inspired the intense metaphor of a killer for this emotional single?

What inspired the intense metaphor of a killer was the symptoms I experienced from Hashimoto's and also the inner struggle of my doubts and insecurities from being bullied. Everyone has their own demons to battle within themselves. Did you write your lyricism yourself for "Story of a Killer?" Was this a challenging process, seeing that the song is incredibly emotional, vulnerable, and personal? Yes, I wrote the lyrics for Story of A Killer. It was difficult at first to work through my anxiety, but also it was great therapy. It's not easy sharing my vulnerability and inner struggles, but the only way through it is to face it. Did you have producers Eric Johnson and Danny Jay help out with the production of your single, "Story of a Killer?" Who helped you out with this song's production/sonics? Eric Johnson and Danny Jay created the amazing music for Story of A Killer. I'm so grateful to get to work with them. They are amazing at helping me bring to life my music.

Should we anticipate more emotional and vulnerable songs within your forthcoming EP, 'Insight?' What sort of themes or concepts do you plan to bring to the table? Yes, my songs for my EP "Insight" will all be emotional and vulnerable. I plan on continuing to share my thoughts and perspective from experiences I've had. I want my fans to know I won't hide behind lighthearted lyrics to fit an image. I will write what I know. I'm sure I'll share some happier times in my music when I feel it's the right time.

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