Parker Howard Gives Us Grit and Charisma in "Take It Like a Man"

From a young age, Texas-native Parker Howard has leaned on music as an outlet for expressing herself. With a passion for Country music, the 21-year-old artist’s music has been placed in the top 50 on the Texas Country Music Charts, as she has embarked on radio tours throughout Texas, Kansas, and Oklahoma, and been recognized as a Breakout Artist at Off The Row Studio in Nashville, TN.

Taking us into edgy undertones with the release of her latest single “Take It Like a Man,” Parker Howard turns up the intensity to 100 as gets real with us. We love how the dark nature of the instrumentation still emits an effervescent bop to the way it’s portrayed.

There’s something about the way the sustaining guitar riffs etch into your mind as you dig into the gritty effects depicted. Combining the enticing resonance of the rhythmic energy with Parker Howard’s smoldering vocal performance, we’re left in a smoky shadow that oozes the vulnerability she reiterates through this single. We’ve always appreciated how her bellowing croons cascade with any musical foundation she is given.

However, in “Take It Like a Man,” a newfound sense of confidence floods our speakers as the lyrics she propels are drenched in her fierce persona. Trickling a passion-fueled narrative in the powerful words she asserts, Parker Howard’s words reflect her kicking someone to the curb as she no longer has time for their games.

Knowing exactly how to serve up the unapologetic persona that’s rather prevalent in this song, Parker Howard has us feeling the music at an all-time high as we place “Take It Like a Man,” on repeat.

A warm welcome back to BuzzMusic, Parker Howard! We admire the unique tactics that you take when executing the attitude you convey in “Take It Like a Man.” How did taking a darker methodology to this track feel for you? Was there anything direct that inspired this approach?

I’ve always been more intrigued with different sounding songs and sounds. It’s a way for me to express how I feel because I am not very good with my own words. I also feel as if sad music is more relatable to a lot of people, but then again so is happy and upbeat music. I’m very thankful for my team and the people that I work with who help make the sound in my head come true.

When bringing the compelling sounds of this record to life, did you have anyone that assisted you with making the vision pop? What was that experience like?

P.T. Houston, Erin McCaffrey, and Sarah Morey as well as all the amazing artists and band players at Off The Row made this come to life. As I said before, I am just so thankful for the people that have pushed me to the point of believing in myself and helping me along every step of the way. It’s very rewarding and fun being in the studio and hearing all the different sounds and melodies. We put them all together and make something beautiful.

You’re known for some more subtle undertones that you generally take into your music with you. Did you find that on “Take It Like a Man,” you had to channel a different type of energy to get the end result?

I do think "Take It Like A Man" is a different vibe than I usually go for. I am wanting to take a different path in the country music scene and create some beautiful music. I don’t necessarily want to be put into a genre, I want to break down all those walls and be able to sing any type of country. I also would love to be a role model to people to show them that they can do anything that they set their minds to.

What are you hoping that your audience takes away from the messaging in this song?

I’m hoping that people know that they are worth so much and that they shouldn’t take anything from anyone. You have to find happiness within yourself first and you always have to know that you’re going to be there for yourself at the end of the day. I think being independent is one of the best things you can be in life. It’s always OK to depend on people and have people help you, but you’re always the one who's going to be there for yourself the most.