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Parker Howard is a Down to Earth 'Texas Girl'

Emerging country artist Parker Howard reigns supreme from Aledo, TX, where she always had a passion for music and the arts from a young age.

Music has always been an escape for her to express her emotions and how she feels. The young country star wants to become a role model to women all over the world as she shows people that no matter where you come from or what your background is, you can follow any dream you desire.

Fresh off the release of her charismatic EP, ‘Texas Girl,’ Parker Howard has listeners immediately grasping her quintessence as she delivers a remarkable opening number with the introductory single “Godspeed.” The piano forward ballad chimes luminously with warm acoustic guitar strums and impactful drum patterns that drive the composition with utter purpose.

Radiating a striking narrative familiarizing listeners with her journey as an individual, Parker Howard burgeons within the words that she portrays through her exquisite storytelling techniques. Her euphonious timbres carry forth a fervent conveyance as she allows her fan base to feast on the larger-than-life soundscape that cascades with your inner emotions as the sound waves trickle through your speakers. “Godspeed,” unfolds in all of its glory with a zealous tenor honing in on the salutary essence of the soul she exemplifies juxtaposed in the manner she showcases her welcoming croons.

If “Godspeed,” represents the core of the concept heard in ‘Texas Girl,’ then we have no choice but to sit in peace and listen intently. Fully absorbed in every aspect of her undeniable allure, Parker Howard has us wrapped around her finger, eager to hear more from the blossoming creative.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Parker Howard. “Godspeed,” is the perfect way to open up your five-track EP, ‘Texas Girl.’ What inspired you to make this the opening number?

The story behind “Godspeed” is a very special one to me. Every year my family and I used to go to a dude ranch up in Wyoming and I met a girl there who did music also. She and I became close and she told me how her little brother had passed a long time ago and this song is a cover song from The Chicks and ever since then, this song has had a very special meaning to me and that dude ranch holds a very special place to my family and me.

The intimacy portrayed in this single has us relating to you on a first-hand level. Could you please take us into the moment or story that shaped the creation of “Godspeed?"

As I was recording “Godspeed”, I could just feel my soul back in Wyoming looking at the beautiful mountains and how serene it is there and how peaceful. The song is very touching and it gives you a sense of tranquility whenever you listen and the message behind the lyrics is phenomenal.

What was the experience of writing ‘Texas Girl’ like? Did you find the creative process varies from the process you entail when writing singles?

'TEXAS GIRL' was a process of two years in the making and it took a lot of blood and sweat and tears from my amazing studio, SG Studios. A huge thank you to, Greg White, for being the very first studio I have ever gone to and who fought for my talent first. The process was lengthy but very worth it in the end and I am very thankful to all the composers and musicians and band members for all of the help with this amazing project. All of these songs that I was given all had a very amazing meaning and they all are very relatable.

What are you hoping that your audience takes away from the full body of work? What does ‘Texas Girl’ say about you as an artist?

'TEXAS GIRL' was meant for people to know that I am Texas-born and raised and as they say,” you can take the girl out of Texas, but you can’t take Texas out of the girl”. I hope my audience relates to my music and loves it as much as I do. My goal as an artist is to have very relatable music and for people to be able to connect to my music on another level. I also would love to be a role model to people and show anyone that they can start from anywhere and become something amazing. My audience and fans are everything to this project and all of my music because the support they give is mind-blowing!

What's next for you?

Within the next couple of months I will be coming out with some more music and I will be back in Nashville in June to record some more music and some videos are on the way also and some surprises are coming very soon also!!

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