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Parker Matthews Unleashes Fresh Club Banger “Running From Me”

Parker Matthews is an incredibly talented vocalist, songwriter and performer. Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Matthews passion for music grew tremendously after seeing Whitney Houston perform at the 1994 Grammy Awards. He attended North Allegheny Intermediate High School and was heavily involved in arts. As a creative individual he grew up misunderstood, this ed to his own challenges which he overcome and is now an advocate for suicide prevention, anti-bullying and LGBTQ+ rights. He released his single “Feelin Right” in late 2018 and now has released his next hit “Running From Me”.

Parker Matthews distinct sound and positive aesthetic are evident through the catchy hit “Running From Me”. It’s an addicting beat with astounding synths and electronic arrangements. The seductive vocals and emotional lyrics are a refreshing change in the music industry. Matthews strives to create music that his audience can relate to on a personal level and he nails that in “Running From Me”. I think the song can be interpreted in different ways and I love the confidence in Parker Matthews voice. His fierce passion and dedication is so clearly conveyed in his voice. “Somebody told me that you’re trying to own me, but I’m never lonely, because ain’t nobody running from me” is a lyric from the chorus that gets stuck in your head. The music during this lyric fuses perfectly with the vocals and overall feeling of the song. His confidence and independence shine through and we are here for it. “Running From Me” makes me eager to see Parker Matthews perform live. I highly recommend you check out this spectacular song (and the sexy music video)!

Check out Parker Matthew's latest single "Running From Me" here, and continue reading for the artists personalized interview with us at BuzzMusic!


Hi Parker! Can you tell us some challenges you’ve faced as an up and coming artist and how you overcome them?

Hey Buzz Music, I think one of the biggest challenges for up and coming artists is find a solid team to surround yourself with.  You need to find people that believe in you, your vision, and your music, just as much as you do.  People on your team should always give 1000% and when you find people willing to do so, keep them in your corner.  It took me some time to get a strong group of people together, but now I have my team locked in, and we're here to play. 

We love “Running From Me”! Can you tell us more about the meaning behind the song?

Thank you so much for the kind words! Running From Me is about having that self confidence and drive to keep going, and not fall short to the demands of the biz.  Personally, the record came from a situation late last year, when some people tried to get me into some contracts that would have been a nightmare for me, and they claimed that they were my only option.  The first line of the chorus is, 'Somebody told me, that you're trying to own me'... I would have had zero creative freedom and truly been under their full grasp.  I wrote this because I don't need them, to carry out my vision and my presence in this industry.  

Who are your top three biggest musical influences?

Honestly, I draw influence from so many artists, both past and present, but if I had to pick my top three, I'd say my hometown girl, Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga, and Jessie J.  These women have been through a lot, and still allow and demand creative freedom and expression through music.  They're all different and incredibly unique in their own way, but I find them all to be relatable to me in a certain light. 

What was the writing process like for “Running From Me”?

For this record, I wrote the chorus first, and built the verses and bridge around that.  I remember the demo session for this track, and we talked about possibly doing the chorus is a lighter falsetto voice, but I put my foot down and said, 'No, this needs to show some power and to blow the top this sh*t.

If you could perform at any venue in the world, where would you choose?

There are many places I'd love to perform in, but although its not a venue, per say ,I think doing New Years Eve in NYC would be EPIC...that's when you know you've truly made it.

What's next for you?

I have a lot of material coming out this year. Up next I'm doing a complete 180 from Running From Me.. I'm dropping a power ballad, and going back on set to film the video for that in the middle of May. I'm all about versatility and like to show all the different sides of who I am as a person, and as an artist.


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