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Parralox's New Single "Tears of Faith" Is Made Of Synthwave Dreams And Electro Escapes

Parralox is back, and they've unleashed a mesmerizing new music video for "Tears of Faith," taking us on a wild journey through love, loneliness, and the audacity of human desire.

The Australian electronic pop wizards, led by the enigmatic John von Ahlen, have been steadily resurrecting the iconic sounds of '80s synth-pop legends like Depeche Mode, The Human League, and Pet Shop Boys. With "Tears of Faith," featuring the hauntingly captivating vocals of Jane Badler, they've concocted an electronic dance potion that delves into the intricate web of broken relationships and the longing for reconciliation.

But let's talk about the visual masterpiece directed by Leanne Hanley. It's an eccentric, darkly humorous take on Frankenstein meets Reanimator, with a touch of technicolor madness. Von Ahlen steps into the shoes of a mad professor on a quest to create his perfect love, his ideal companion. Through the wizardry of computers, A.I., and a dash of magic, he breathes life into a blank slate, embodied by the alluring Jane Badler. Sparks fly, but not the romantic kind.

It's a story of love gone awry, with a touch of hubris that rivals Dr. Frankenstein himself. The video artfully straddles the line between the superficial and the spiritual, exploring the age-old theme of creation turned rebellion.

Von Ahlen's deadpan humor shines through as he reflects on the video, saying, "It was a load of fun to film, especially the parts where Jane comes to life and has to kill me." The entire journey was mapped out, but TV sensation Jane Badler's improvisational prowess adds a wickedly delightful twist. She fully embraces the role of the homicidal android, making for some electrifying scenes. Von Ahlen playfully jokes about safety just to ensure that a saw remains nothing more than a prop.

The "Tears of Faith" video, filmed at Blue Tree Studios in Victoria, Australia, is a labor of love that faced its share of delays, including the shadow of the pandemic and the tragic loss of Jane Badler's son, Harry Haines. Despite the hurdles, it's a testament to the resilience of art and the power of collaboration.

Intrigued? Dive into the bizarre and captivating world of Parralox's "Tears of Faith" video. It's an electrifying testament to the band's enduring creativity and their unapologetic embrace of the strange and sublime.


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